20 Reasons to Buy a Virtual Course from VTR

  • Feb 17
20 Reasons to Buy a Virtual Course from VTR

Without a doubt, the number of online course providers has increased drastically in recent years. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, which had the unfortunate impact of closing down in-person learning opportunities. So, when there are hundreds if not thousands of options available, how should business pros determine the best provider? In truth, it probably varies from one person to another, because each individual has their own needs. But to help make it easier, we’ve put together a list of twenty reasons why you should try a virtual course from VTR Learning.

The Top Reasons to Try a Virtual Course with VTR Learning

1. Accessibility of New Skills

Granted, most online course providers can probably boast the same idea. Taking a virtual course offers a wealth of opportunity beyond what can be found locally. Of course, some people living in large cities might have multiple opportunities at their fingertips to participate in live education experiences. But for those in smaller or even rural areas, the limitations of in-person events are obvious. Online continuing education obliterates that barrier, opening a path to information which otherwise might be inaccessible.

2. Take Courses Anywhere

Not long ago, the idea that someone could take a virtual course from a train in the middle of nowhere seemed absurd. But now, the surge in mobile technology has made that sort of activity commonplace. The majority of VTR Learning’s courses require an online connection. And since most devices can access the internet through mobile data, learners can complete courses almost anywhere. But for those who don’t have stable connections in different areas, we have a solution. Our eBook courses can be downloaded as PDFs, then read anywhere with or without internet. So, you can complete courses from the comfort of home, at the beach, or nearly anywhere else.

3. Learn At Your Own Pace

Again, many online course providers probably incorporate some amount of self-paced learning into their styles. It’s fairly common, after all, since on-demand courses can’t always require strict oversight from a dedicated teacher. But VTR Learning takes it a step further, bookmarking every component of the course. That way, if you can only spare a few minutes during the day, you can keep moving forward one step at a time. Beyond that aspect, though, learners can access our courses whenever they want to – day or night, weekend or workday. The way you structure your learning experience is completely up to you.

4. A Virtual Course Is Cheaper than In-Person Events

Sometimes, in-person conferences or events make it simple to grab a large amount of continuing education credit. Add to that the opportunity to network with other professionals, and there are many benefits. However, one of those perks is often not the cost. Organization conferences include admission, travel fees, boarding, food, and other expenses. So, when all of that adds up, the overall cost for in-person events is much higher than that for a virtual course. And since the credit amount can be comparable, it comes down to an assessment of other factors. If business pros want a cheaper way to earn credit, then online courses are the way to go. However, if they want the overall experience of the conference, cost may not be an issue.

5. A Risk-Free Learning Experience

On-the-job training is a nerve wracking experience. Often, you’re expected to pick something up with little training, and then perform it capably. So, if you fail, the results can negatively impact your standing within the company. VTR Learning’s courses offer an alternative route to general business education. Because learners can take our courses as many times as needed to pass, failure isn’t detrimental. Instead, it’s a low-risk learning opportunity to gain important knowledge and insights into the way businesses run. That way, those who might be nervous about stepping into these important topics can do so without fear.

6. Curate a Personal Learning Experience

Because VTR Learning offers various topics in business education, learners can choose the right courses to meet their needs. So, rather than having to purchase a set of courses that only includes one topic they want, they can pick and choose. That way, they could dive into a course on Leadership before taking one about Management or Human Resources. The courses you choose and the way you take them are up to you. If you need to drill deep into a single topic, there are options for doing so. But if instead you want to learn about a host of different areas, that’s open as well. The path is yours to create.

7. Keep Up With License Recertification

At this point, it should be clear that VTR Learning caters heavily to licensed business professionals. But just in case it hasn’t been, we’ll say it again. All of our courses are accredited with various organizations for their respective forms of credit. So, if you’re looking for a virtual course to help keep up with license recertification, we’re well-equipped to help. Just be sure to check and make sure the course you purchase affords credit for the correct organization. You can check out the full catalog of courses anytime. We currently serve members of SHRM, HRCI, ASAE, AICPA, and the American Payroll Association.

8. Find the Right Learning Format

Despite some dissenting opinions, different people sometimes seem to learn best using diverging learning styles. And since VTR Learning hopes to engage individuals from many professions and backgrounds, we also want to provide different educational methods. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer courses of various formats beyond our primary business simulation category. As such, we provide the following formats:

  • Business Simulation
  • eBook
  • Interactive
  • Video

If you want to know what each category involves, be sure to check out our explanation of course types.

9. Responsive Support

Naturally, when it comes to technology, things sometimes go awry. Fortunately, VTR Learning’s support team is more than happy to help answer any questions you might have. So, whether you’re looking for course recommendations or find yourself frustrated with a bug, we’ve got you covered. We typically respond within several hours, and work diligently to solve your issues as quickly as possible. That way, you can stay on track with your continuing education and meet your goals effectively. But if you’d rather check through our Knowledge Base, you can always do that first.

10. Try a Variety of Business Courses

One benefit of VTR Learning’s catalog is that we cover a variety of business topics. In fact, we’ve already mentioned that in previous points, but it’s worth saying again. Because we started out as a provider for online MBA programs through various universities, our courses incorporate many subject areas. So, from decision analysis and cyber security to topics in international business, we offer it all. You can either brush up on areas you’re familiar with or dive into something completely new. The choice is up to you.

11. Learn from Various Experts

VTR Learning’s LMS is perfect for hosting courses from other providers as well. So, we’ve entered into several partnerships with experts across the U.S. and Canada to bring a wealth of valuable information to our audience. Currently, our partners include:

  • The Medicare Rights Center
  • Executive Finance
  • PrattEDU
  • Kelen Camehl
  • ACI Learning

These important collaborations allow our users to access material in areas like Medicare, executive leadership, finance, and cyber security. So, beyond our own proprietary material, learners have a wealth of opportunity for gaining important skills.

12. Unique Business Simulation Courses

So far, we’ve alluded to the idea that we provide business simulation courses. But we haven’t fully explained what that means. Typically, online education consists of slides with an overlaid lecture. But because we prize learning by doing, we’ve created a unique format. Here, you enter into a virtual internship to see business play out in a true-to-life setting. Working alongside different characters at Central Products, you gain important business insight through a narrative format. After all, it’s been shown repeatedly that we learn well when engaged with a story.

13. Other Learners Think Highly Of Us

Now, without trying to commit a logical fallacy and persuade you to jump on the bandwagon, we want to point out what others think. After all, user reviews are important when determining which course provider to go with. From university students and professors to business professionals, people have great things to say. Currently, our Google rating is a 4.4 out of 5 stars. In other words, our users are satisfied. Be sure to check out what others have said before deciding whether we’re right for your needs.

14. Personal and Professional Benefits

Undoubtedly, there are a multitude of benefits inherent in both lifelong learning and online education. And since VTR Learning covers both of those areas, our learners invest in themselves personally and professionally. After all, continuing education has multiple positive impacts on health, leading to better overall quality of life. And taking a virtual course as opposed to other forms can help with issues like time and financial responsibility. These are far from the only important benefits, but they constitute some of the most important and sought after. So, if you’re curious about how VTR Learning can help in these areas, be sure to try. After all, we do offer free courses. That way, you can experience a virtual course with no strings attached.

15. Choose the Right Size Course for Your Needs

Not only do we offer a host of courses across different areas of business education. We also offer courses of various lengths to help meet your exact educational needs. Sometimes, it makes sense to enroll in a 20+ hour course, especially if you’re new to the topic and want a wealth of information. However, more often than not, you might simply need to brush up in an area you’re not quite sure in. Our shortest options last just around an hour, while some of the longer available courses take upward of twenty-five to thirty. So, you can access the right material to help meet your needs.

16. Meet Your Ethics Requirements With a Virtual Course

Of course, members of some organizations must fulfill an ethics credit requirement each recertification period. But not just any course meets the criteria for this rule. Because the regulation is so narrow, some organizations offer no options for meeting the ethics requirement. However, VTR Learning does have several courses available that can fulfill this rule, both for CPAs and members of HRCI. As such, we are able not only to help individuals with the general credit requirements, but also other recertification aspects as well.

17. Course Access Lasts a Full Year

After a user has purchased a course, they have one full year within which to complete it. That stays in line with the on-demand nature of our self-study learning activities. Even after that year has elapsed, they can still access every portion of the course which had previously been completed. So, if they ever need to look back at that information again, they have the option of doing so.

18. VTR Learning Has a Rewards Program

Recently, we launched our brand-new rewards program. This system allows users to accumulate points for different actions which can then be spent on courses or used to redeem gift cards for other stores. Essentially, by completing courses and referring colleagues, you can help pay for your own continuing education. This makes VTR Learning even more affordable. In fact, simply by signing up, entering your recertification date, and completing the orientation course, you get $10 off any purchase.

19. Sales and Events

Throughout the year, we celebrate different holidays and events with sales. So, if you purchase a virtual course at the right time, you can get a great value. Several examples are Payroll Palooza in September, Black Friday/Cyber Monday in November, and National Medicare Education Week. But we scatter around other sales throughout the year, so keep an eye out and sign up to receive news about our deals.

20. We Truly Value Education

At the end of the day, we truly value education. And we want to make it as accessible as we can for business professionals who want to invest in themselves. That’s why we do what we do. If we can help make a positive difference for someone in their recertification journey, then we’ve accomplished our goal. If you’re looking for a unique continuing education experience, be sure to give us a try.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 23, 2023