Flexible CPE Course Pricing

Pay-as-you-go for CPE courses

We do things a bit differently at VTR Learning. No annual fees. No special memberships. Just find the course you like and add it to your cart. It’s that simple. Our individual CPE courses start at $29, and some are free. Are you looking to collect more credits at once? We offer courses with upwards of 30 credits at a reasonable price.

Perks & Benefits

Go Big or Go Small

Course credits range from a couple credits to 30+.
Collect a few last minute credits or knock out a whole bunch at once.

Choose Your Topic

We offer a variety of topics from accounting to leadership, operations and medicare, so you can pick a course that interests you.

Step-by-Step Modules

The portal walks you through each course, step-by- step to completion. View your score and the date each section was completed.

Pay As You Go

Only pay for what you need. Our pricing is a la carte.
In other words, add a course to your cart and check out. That’s all!

Story-Based Learning

Many of our courses include story-based learning.
Watch videos, answer questions, and interact with the characters.

Help Center

We answer questions quicker than your coworkers.
Check out the knowledge base, submit a ticket or chat with us.

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