Medicare Interactive Courses to Kick Off Learning

  • Nov 22
Medicare Interactive Courses to Kick Off Learning

Let’s get straight to the point – Medicare is an important topic. But not everyone knows just how vital a good understanding of the program really is. Unfortunately, the NCOA reported that as recently as 2021, over 20 percent of beneficiaries were overspending by more than $500. Likely, that’s because they weren’t entirely aware of the different options and which plans worked best for their needs. Fortunately, various resources like the Medicare Interactive suite can help individuals understand the intricacies of the topic.

The Medicare Interactive suite of online courses come from the Medicare Rights Center. And naturally, as one of the largest nonprofit providers of Medicare education, MRC stands to offer helpful insight. Of course, part of the benefit of this online learning track is its interactivity. Because this element helps further cement important concepts in learners’ minds. So, with the MI Pro courses, future beneficiaries can rest easy, knowing they have the information to make good decisions.

How Medicare Interactive Courses Prepare You for Enrollment

Ultimately, the Medicare Interactive course suite takes learners through different levels designed to enhance understanding at every step. It assumes individuals starting at the beginning have little to no knowledge of the program. However, by the end of the fourth level, the suite has covered everything from simple terms to Medicare’s interaction with other programs. Ultimately, the four levels of the Medicare Interactive suite are:

  • Medicare Basics
  • Options & Coverage Rules
  • Appeals & Penalties
  • Other Insurance and Assistance Programs

However, each of these levels presents a litany of other subtopics and important subjects. For example, the second level course covers things like the different parts of Medicare, Medigaps, and Medicare Advantage plans. So, within each level of the suite, learners encounter multiple related topics. Of course, those who work their way through from the first level to the last gain a vital understanding of the overall program. But if you already have a working knowledge of Medicare, it’s also possible to begin at any other level.

Ultimately, the Medicare Interactive course suite should work with individuals of any knowledge level. For those who have no understanding of Medicare, it will help guide them through the program step by step. But those who already have some amount of knowledge can likewise benefit. Because the higher-level, more advanced options can help cement their existing knowledge.

In other words, most if not all future enrollees could benefit from the knowledge these courses offer. In fact, even those not nearing enrollment age could gain from them. For example, HR Pros often find themselves responsible for advising employees nearing retirement age on Medicare options. So, they need to know how best to answer Medicare coverage questions. Medicare Interactive courses help provide the knowledge HR directors need when discussing the program with retirement-age workers.

Get Started Today with VTR Learning

Fortunately, through a partnership with the Medicare Rights Center, VTR Learning has the opportunity to provide these courses to a wider audience of business professionals. In fact, members of several professional organizations can even obtain continuing education credit for completing them. This includes members of the AICPA, SHRM, and HRCI. So, they can knock out two birds with one stone.

If you need to solidify your knowledge of Medicare, regardless of whether you’re a business professional or not, be sure to check out the full Medicare Interactive suite in the shop. It’s the perfect tool to help you go from no recognition to advanced understanding.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 23, 2023