VTR Learning’s Rewards Program Is Here!

  • Dec 12
VTR Learning’s Rewards Program Is Here!

VTR Learning’s goal has always been making continuing education more enjoyable for business professionals. But equally as important, we’ve also hoped to make learning opportunities more accessible. And now, as part of that pursuit, we’ve launched the VTR Learning Rewards Program.

Ultimately, the VTR Learning Rewards Program represents a way for us to give back to loyal individuals. Particularly, through a point system which can be used for discounts on our courses and other rewards. But paying customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this new system. Instead, we’ve opened it up for people who have taken free courses as well. In fact, even those who have only created an account can participate as well. That way, everyone has the chance to enjoy the rewards program.

How to Earn Points with VTR Learning’s Rewards Program

Of course, there are several different ways to earn points with VTR Learning’s Rewards Program. And naturally, each method varies in the number of points awarded. However, the more points you earn, the better your rewards. So, it pays to try several different methods.

Ultimately, the methods for earning points are fairly straightforward.

  • Register for an Account (25 Points) – All you have to do is sign up for an account with VTR Learning.
  • Enter Your Recertification Date (25 Points) – When registering, enter your license recertification date.
  • Complete the Orientation Course (25 Points) – Take the Orientation to become acquainted with our course style.
  • Purchase a Course (1 Point per Dollar Spent) – Buy a course, and earn points.
  • Finish a Course (5 Points per Credit Hour) – Whenever you complete a course, you’ll earn credits based on the length of that course.
  • Refer a Friend (25 Points) – If you refer a friend and they register with your code, you earn points.
  • Referral Makes a Purchase (50 Points) – Whenever a friend you referred purchases a course, you earn points.

If you’ve had an account with us for a while, it might seem unfair that new registrants can earn points you weren’t able to. But we’ve already taken care of that. Every previous registrant has automatically received 25 points. The same goes for those who have entered their recertification date and completed the Orientation course. That way, no one is left out in the Rewards Program.

Now, you’ve seen how easy it can be to earn points with VTR Learning. But you still need to know how to use your points. Fortunately, there are several ways to do so.

Spend Points for Rewards

After accruing enough points, you’ll have the option to spend them on various rewards. Now, we should point out that there are four tiers of rewards. Only the first is open to non-purchasing individuals. That means that, until you buy a course from VTR Learning, you can only access the lowest tier. However, everyone who has purchased even the smallest course can access the other three levels.

A chart showing the different tiers in VTR Learning's Rewards Program

The first tier unlocks for everyone who has obtained at least 75 points. Here, you can use your points to get $10 off the purchase of any business simulation type course.

The second tier unlocks at 250 points, and again, is only available to those who have previously purchased a course. At this level, you can use your points to obtain $25 off the purchase of a business simulation course. But alternatively, you can instead choose a $15 gift card of your choice.

The third tier unlocks at 500 points and follows a similar path set by the first two levels. Here, you can choose to spend points and obtain $50 off your purchase of a business simulation course. However, you could instead opt for a $30 gift card of your choice.

Finally, the fourth and highest tier unlocks at 750 points. This is also the cap for how many points you may earn at any given time. Once this level is reached, they must be spent before any more will accrue. At this level, you can receive $100 off your purchase of a business simulation course. Or, instead, you could spend points to receive a $75 gift card of your choice.

Overall, the tiers help you determine how to spend your rewards. You can put them back into your learning by getting discounts on courses. But you can also choose to simply use them for other, everyday things. Since you can purchase gift cards with them, they could be spent on coffee, clothes, or other items. The way you use your points is up to you.

Get Started with VTR Learning’s Rewards Program

Now that you know how to earn points and what they can be used to do, it’s time to get started! If you have an account already, go finish a course that’s been sitting there for a while. Refer some friends or even purchase a new course. Everything helps get you closer to better rewards.

If you don’t have an account with us, be sure to sign up now. You’ll automatically get 25 points for taking that simple step.

You can always check how many points you have from your learner dashboard, by navigating to the “My Rewards” tab. And from there, you can see which rewards you’ve already claimed and which you can obtain. And feel free to check our Help Center if you have more question about how to redeem and access rewards.

We at VTR Learning are so thankful for your continued support and loyalty. So, we’re excited to take this step to help give back in some tangible way.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 23, 2023