Ethics CPE Credits are Here!

  • Aug 3
Ethics CPE Credits are Here!

Earlier this year, we were happy to announce that we had expanded the number of courses we offer for AICPA members. And now, we’re excited to bring you more good news! Through a recent partnership with a company called Executive Finance, we’re able to bring you a dozen more short courses. But that’s not all. In the past, we’ve had multiple requests for courses that can meet the NASBA Ethics standards. And now, through this partnership, we’re bringing you three courses that are certified to meet this important continuing education requirement. So, if you’re looking for Ethics CPE Credits, you’ve come to the right place.

VTR Learning’s New Ethics CPE Credits Courses

The Principles of Ethical Leadership

Chances are, if you watch the news today, you’ll hear about some prominent corporate figure who has come under fire for moral failure. The sad reality is that this story is all-too-common. Because, when individuals hold power, they often don’t know how to handle it. This is why it’s so important for people — no matter their organizational or societal standing — to invest in principles of ethical leadership. And furthermore, it’s why organizations charter codes of professional conduct. Building a strong, moral foundation is one of the easiest ways to prevent this type of ethical downfall.

In this course, you will begin to understand how personal moral choices play a key role in your ability to lead well. Not simply at the top of the organization, but down to team and personal leadership as well. And by constructing or strengthening your own ethical framework, you will set the stage for success in the modern business world.

The Principles of Ethical Leadership is available in the shop for $64. And CPAs who complete this course will receive 6 Ethics CPE Credits.

Mastering Your Ethical Intelligence

Knowing the how, what, and why of ethical decision making is almost as important as the choice itself. Because without a strong sense of ethical intelligence, there’s no framework for moral leadership. In other words, a leader without ethical intelligence is a ship tossed about by the waves. Sometimes, they’ll make helpful moral choices, but it will only be coincidental. So, for that reason, everyone in a position of authority has the responsibility to develop their moral intuition. In doing so, they will contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of their teams and organizations.

This accredited ethics course will help you design specific methods for navigating ethically-tense situations. And since this skill is universal, it can help outside of the organization as well as within. But it isn’t enough to know how to respond well. You must also be aware of your preconceived biases that can cause lapses in good judgment. To that degree, this course will showcase different leaders and the outcomes of their poor decisions. But overall, you will learn how ethical intelligence is the capstone of corporate performance.

Mastering Your Ethical Intelligence is a fantastic option for anyone looking for Ethics CPE Credits. So, if you want to know more, be sure to check out the details. Worth 5 hours of credit, this course can be purchased for $54 in the shop.

Ethical & Audit Considerations of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic right now. But you probably already know that just from scrolling through your news feeds. Sometimes, it seems like Bitcoin is everywhere you turn. But it also isn’t the easiest subject to understand, especially from an accounting and auditing point of view. There are thousands of emerging cryptocurrencies in the market today, and CPAs can benefit from at least a baseline knowledge of the trade. That’s why this course takes an easygoing approach. With an eye toward real instances of success and disaster from cryptocurrency, you will expand your knowledge of this important subject.

After taking this course, you will know what the basic foundations and functions of the market are. But more importantly, you will have the ability to identify the ethical concerns of this emergent market, particularly from an auditing standpoint.

Ethical & Audit Considerations of Cryptocurrency is a helpful course for those unfamiliar with the subject. But it’s just as beneficial for anyone who wants to develop their existing understanding. At just $39, it’s an affordable way to earn 2 ethics CPE credits. So, if you want more information, be sure to check out the course details.

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These three courses are only a few of the ones we’ve released in partnership with Executive Finance. So, whether you’re looking for ethics CPE credit or not, you’ll have plenty of options for meeting your continuing education needs. From courses on the effects of the COVID pandemic to presentation skills, there’s something to meet the need of every CPA.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023