The Top 5 Online CPE Courses for Accountants

  • Aug 13
The Top 5 Online CPE Courses for Accountants

5 Online CPE Courses for Accountants Approved by NASBA

Every CPA in the United States operates under a state or territorial Board of Accountancy. So, these bodies set the scope and limitations of the CPE required for license renewal with the AICPA. In most places, self-study courses are acceptable for CPE. But the organizations providing those courses must register with NASBA’s National Registry of CPE Sponsors, a list of over 2,200 vendors. While not all of the approved providers offer self-study courses, many do. And with such an array of sponsors, it’s easy for CPAs to get lost in the options. So, if only for a moment, allow the spotlight to fall on VTR Learning. Because we’ve been serving the educational sphere for over a decade. And we have plenty of online CPE courses for accountants.

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Unlike most of the providers on NASBA’s Registry, VTR Learning takes a different approach to CPE. Many online, self-study courses are little more than slide-show presentations with overlaid audio. But to be fair, there are also courses with more personality, where an instructor narrates and leads learners through lessons. Overall, we believe in the power of learning by doing. That is, seeing concepts and lessons demonstrated in a true-to-life setting. So, that’s why our proprietary courses take place within a story. Rather than sitting through a slideshow of facts, figures and overwhelming information, CPAs can see accounting functions play out in a lifelike setting. And they do so as an “intern” for the fictional company, Central Products. This type of CPE marries storytelling to self-study for a wholly different style of learning.

If we’ve piqued your interest, you may wonder where to start. Without further ado, here are the top five most popular courses VTR Learning has to offer CPAs.

VTR Learnings’ Top 5 Online CPE Courses for Accountants

1. Characteristics of Effective Leadership

This course revolves around the personal video diaries of Robert Powers, the CEO of Central Products, as he works through his own effective leadership journey. Characteristics of Effective Leadership also introduces classic and modern insights into leadership theories. But it simultaneously depicts practical, workplace situations and challenges. The educational content of this course further touches on issues of credibility, modeling and enlisting others. However, it ultimately turns an eye toward the concept of servant leadership. CPAs can complete this course for 8.5 CPEs, at a cost of $129.

You can find details on Characteristics of Effective Leadership here.

2. Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management course centers around Central Products’ Human Resources department and its director, Anne Chavez. Overall, it explores various aspects of company health and productivity. The concepts interwoven in this course shift back and forth from pragmatic to theoretical. And this provides a robust foundation for any employee for understanding their rights. But it also showcases the function of the Human Resources department in protecting those rights. Legal issues, behavioral ethics, employee motivation, team-building and the employee life cycle represent a handful of the subjects included here. For $229, CPAs can take this NASBA-approved course to earn 16.5 self-study CPEs.

Details on Human Capital Management are also available here.

3. Operations and Management: How to Run a Business

The offices of Central Products are the perfect place to learn practical management skills in a no-risk environment. Especially when mentored by the heads of various departments in round-table, executive discussions and project management scenarios. So, this course provides instruction on various skills including forecasting, planning, scheduling and executing. But it also looks toward the use of quantitative methods for leading a department or an entire organization. Costing $229, Operations and Management: How to Run a Business is a NASBA-approved, overarching view of managerial practices. Overall, it is worth 19.5 CPE credits for CPAs.

Check out further information on Operations and Management: How to Run a Business here.

4. Global Finance

In a collaborative course that speaks to accounting and international functions, Global Finance explores the challenges of overseas business. This NASBA-approved course dives deep into topics such as the forex market, forecasting, exposure, hedging methods and foreign investment. Alongside Tsong Hua, Central Products’ International Accounting Director, CPAs can better understand the risks and benefits of international ventures. This course, which costs $229, is worth 19 CPE credits.

For more information on the Global Finance course, see the shop page.

Bonus! A Free CPA CPE Course from VTR Learning

5. Managerial Accounting: Financial Performance Analysis

VTR Learning is well aware that this narrative-centric approach to CPE is a bit unorthodox. So, to give CPAs a chance to try it out before committing, the Financial Performance Analysis course is entirely free. This course is designed to help individuals understand performance and accountability metrics. Through thorough instruction from various employees at Central Products, CPAs learn about data auditing, financial planning and more. VTR Learning is a NASBA-approved sponsor, and this free course is worth 3.5 Technical CPE credits.

For further information, or to add the free Cost Benefit Analysis course to your account, visit the shop page.

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VTR Learning offers a host of online, self-study CPE courses that cost anywhere from $29-$269. And credits range from 1-29 CPEs. All of these story-based courses can be found in the course shop. But if you’re still not sure, you can always learn more about some of our favorite CPE courses before making a decision!

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 14, 2023