Earn CPE Credits for CPA Recertification Online

  • Oct 13
Earn CPE Credits for CPA Recertification Online

It isn’t always easy to find CPE credits for CPA recertification quickly. Even though they are necessary for recertifying with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). After all, between work and home life, finding time and motivation to take courses can fade to the background. Consequently, it’s understandable that individuals could put off their continuing professional education until the last minute. But then they have to scramble to make sure they meet their deadline and avoid penalties.

Often in these situations, self-study courses are the go-to option. Because you can take them on-demand, without having to wait for a specific time or date. So, if you’re a CPA looking for CPE and it’s down to the wire on your timeline, VTR Learning has you covered. Check out these five courses to earn CPE credits for CPA recertification!

Try these online courses for CPE Credits for CPA Recertification

Medicare Basics: 5.5 Credits

  • 5.5 CPEs
  • 3 hours
  • $79

The Medicare Basics course is available through a partnership with the Medicare Rights Center. And as one of the largest nonprofit Medicare education providers in the U.S., the content is quality guaranteed. This interactive course splits into four modules that cover elementary Medicare information to lay a strong foundation. And some of the topics covered include healthcare insurance terms, different Medicare options and enrollment periods. So, after completing the course, CPAs will have a strong understanding of Medicare’s history. As a result, this option is perfect for specialists or members of the workforce who want to understand coverage options. Especially when it comes to Medicare and retirement. As such, Medicare Basics is a quick course for earning 5.5 CPE credits for CPA recertification.

[eBook] Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success: 6.5 Credits

  • 6.5 CPEs
  • 4 hours
  • $99

Most of VTR Learning’s courses have a narrative format. After all, they cast the learner as an intern for a fictional company called Central Products. However, when it comes to close deadlines, it can be easier and faster to read material than digest a full course. So, that’s why we’ve taken the educational information from our Human Resources course and condensed it into a read-only format. With this eBook, CPAs can better understand legal issues and behavioral ethics as well as other important HR functions. Some important course topics include hiring, termination and conducting needs assessments. So, if you’re looking for a simple, fast continuing professional education opportunity, [eBook] Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success is available now!

Medicare Options & Coverage Rules: 8 Credits

  • 8 CPEs
  • 5 hours
  • $79

The second Medicare course, Medicare Options & Coverage Rules, builds on the foundation laid in the first course. And by utilizing the same interactive format, learners can expand on their baseline knowledge of the program. It comprehensively details the specific coverage rules for the different parts of Medicare, explains Medigap policies, and even shows learners how and when to file a formal complaint or grievance. Medicare Options & Coverage Rules is updated consistently to ensure accurate and helpful Medicare information is being provided. So, CPAs looking to better understand this difficult and complex topic can do so while earning the continuing professional education credits they need for license renewal.

Human Capital Management: 16.5 Credits

  • 16.5 CPEs
  • 10 hours
  • $229

If your recertification date is close but you still have a little bit of time before it hits, you might want to keep from scrambling at the very last moment. Fortunately, the Human Capital Management course is a great way to earn a large amount of credit. Worth 16.5 CPE credits for CPAs, this course covers everything from the importance of employee-employer relationships to conducting employee and company needs assessments. Studying under Anne Chavez, the director for Central’s HR department, you will learn about compensation and benefits, organizational legal issues and a host of other topics important to the practice. So, if you are still looking to obtain a fair amount of CPE credits for recertification, Human Capital Management is a fun, informative way to do so.

Global Finance: 19 Credits

  • 19 CPEs
  • 12 hours
  • $229

The Global Finance course tackles difficult topics in international business like the FX Market, forecasting and financial planning methods. And it does so by placing the learner at Central Products as an intern for the Director of International Business, Frederick Bairos. As a result, you will become familiar with the foundations of international finance and learn how to effectively manage risk through hedging methods. The basics of importing and exporting are also discussed, alongside a brief foray into the potential future of global trade. An interesting course that dives into important issues in the modern world of business, Global Finance, is another way to earn CPE credits for CPAs.

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If none of these courses pique your interest, don’t worry. We have many other course options. VTR Learning is a NASBA-approve sponsor, ensuring quality content. And it offers a host of other self-study courses for CPAs who are in a pinch and need to earn CPE credits. So, if you’ve put off continuing professional education until now, jump in and get started.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated February 28, 2023