Executive Finance Courses Through VTR Learning

  • Oct 24
Executive Finance Courses Through VTR Learning

For years, VTR Learning has partnered with other organizations to bring quality, top-notch content to our audience. For example, through Medicare Rights Center, we offer premier healthcare education for business professionals. And alongside, Dr. Jamie Pratt, we’ve also introduced eight courses to help boost finance skills. So, now, we want to highlight one of our most essential partnerships. Executive Finance is a Canadian organization which, as it’s name suggests, focuses largely on financial intelligence. However, many of their courses delve further into general business practices and education. And because of that, they’re easily accessible for anyone looking to strengthen their business acumen.

What to Know About Executive Finance

A small operation, Executive Finance is headed by Blair Cook and Jennifer Nicholson, both CPAs. Between both of them, they’ve worked in nearly every area of accounting and finance. In fact, they’ve even risen through corporate ranks to arrive at Board room tables – more than once. So, their knowledge and skills indisputably aim toward achieving great results. Natural educators, Blair and Jen have taught in classrooms, written books, and hosted podcasts to better share their insight.

Multiple reviews of Executive Finance’s courses praise Blair and Jen for bringing difficult material down to an understandable level. But more so, for presenting that material in an engaging, exciting way. Often, they spin stories of real-life, compelling events to offer concrete evidence in their lessons. And their presentation style is sure to keep the attention of learners.

Check Out The Courses

Each of the Executive Finance courses offered by VTR Learning consists primarily of video content. That way, learners can access them easily from home or on the go. However, most of them also feature supplementary workbooks, so individuals can better invest in the topics at hand.

While Executive Finance largely focuses on accounting and financial skills for CPAs, they also feature several more general courses. So, don’t let the name scare you off. Even if you’re an HR professional or work in some other field, Executive Finance has something for you. In fact, many of the skills discussed in the courses are as applicable in personal life as in a career. The following topics are available through VTR Learning’s partnership with Blair and Jen:

As you can see, the Executive Finance courses offer a wide range of different learning paths. And since NASBA, SHRM HRCI, and APA accredit these courses, learners earn credit for completing them. Go ahead – jump in and try one of the Executive Finance courses from our shop.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 23, 2023