Free CPE for CPAs Are Here | VTR Learning

  • Jun 17
Free CPE for CPAs Are Here | VTR Learning

VTR Learning Now Offers Free CPA CPE Online Courses

Continuing professional education is generally one of the most expensive requirements for members of licensing organizations or accrediting bodies. Particularly for those like the AICPA, which requires its licensees to complete 120 hours of CPE every three years. And unfortunately, the process of finding, purchasing and completing this amount of CPE can easily cost over one thousand dollars. So, it makes sense for individuals to seek out free CPE for CPAs.

Fortunately, VTR Learning is an online provider of continuing professional education courses. One of which does provide free CPE for CPAs. Of course, there are other providers offering free CPE credits for CPAs. However, VTR Learning’s style of continuing professional education is wholly unique. Ultimately, it places the learner in the shoes of an intern for a fictional company called Central Products. So, in a sense, they have the opportunity to learn business by engaging in virtual business enterprise. This no-risk, narrative aspect underlies the linear format of most of our proprietary courses. And the various, self-paced modules ensure CPAs can complete their CPE at a pace which best suits their busy lifestyle.

Every VTR Learning course, free and paid, has been pre-approved for CPE credit through NASBA’s National Registry of CPE Sponsors. So, there is no question whether the AICPA will accept them as a viable method of self-study CPE. Through VTR Learning’s unique, story-driven method of continuing professional education, licensees can earn free CPA Credits with confidence.

Infographic detailing the price and credit range for VTR Learning's courses beyond free CPE for CPAs

Free CPA CPE Online Courses from VTR (CPA)

Managerial Accounting: Financial Performance Analysis (CPA)

Currently, VTR Learning is offering Managerial Accounting: Financial Performance Analysis, which is worth 2 free CPE credits. This topical course explores various issues, including:

  • The importance of communication
  • Giving and receiving accurate information
  • Data auditing, financial planning, and accounting processes

Furthermore, there are four main learning objectives for the course:

  • Become familiar with cost classifications and the concept of responsibility centers and their functions
  • Understand flexible budgets and their application
  • Recognize the importance of communicating departmental and individual intentions
  • Gain an understanding of bid pricing

This free CPE online course can be found here.

Low-Cost CPE Online Courses

While the majority of VTR Learning’s online CPE courses are not free, they are a low-cost option. Many online CPE providers fall into one of several categories:

  • Low-credit/Low-Cost
  • High-credit/High-cost
  • All-Access Subscription

Low-credit/Low-cost providers are a helpful option for CPAs who lack several hours and need to finish out their recertification cycle. With this option, a licensee can generally pay between $20 and $120 for the credits they need. However, CPAs at the beginning of the recertification timeline who need upwards of 120 credits, won’t always find this helpful. After all, paying $20 per credit would still be extremely expensive in the long-run.

High-credit/High-cost options are also inadvisable for those hoping to complete the CPE requirement for as little cost as possible. Of course, many of the high-cost options provide specialized knowledge, and many credits can be obtained through these methods. However, they aren’t always accessible because of the price.

All-access subscriptions are a more beneficial option for licensees looking to earn as much as possible for the lowest price. For example, some providers offer plans where CPAs pay $150 for a yearly subscription to an entire catalog of courses. However, most of the courses offer low credit amounts. So, a licensee would have to take dozens in order to complete their recertification requirement. The main benefit is that CPAs could take as many as necessary without having to pay extra. But this method is also inefficient for those who need only a few credits, because they would likely overspend.

Find the Right Course With VTR Learning

Ultimately, when it comes to finding low-cost options for completing the CPA CPE recertification process, the specific needs of the individual will be the main determinant for the best path forward. With VTR Learning, courses are purchased on an “as-you-go” basis. And since credit amounts range from 1 to 29 CPE hours, CPAs have a wide array of options. Courses start at $29 and extend up to $234

So, to recap, VTR Learning offers a wide range of courses and credit amounts for a low price. All in order to meet the specific needs of individual CPAs. And it never requires licensees to pay for a subscription that could force them to overspend if they only need a few CPE credits. And with the free course, CPAs they have the option of earning 2 free CPE credits. Even if they decide not to purchase any other courses.

For the full list of available courses, see the shop, or to filter by free courses click here.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 2, 2023