New CPA CPE Courses — Did You Miss Them?

  • Mar 5
New CPA CPE Courses — Did You Miss Them?

Multiple times, you’ve requested that VTR Learning add new CPA CPE courses to the catalog. And to put it simply, we’ve heard you. So, earlier this year, we took that advice and released eleven new topical options for members of the AICPA. In case you missed it when we did, we’re making sure everyone knows! These NASBA-approved courses cover issues in Accounting and Human Resources to provide a variety of subject areas. And since the majority are only an hour or two long, they’re perfect for business professionals who need a quick handful of CPEs. Speaking of CPEs, the combined total credit amount for these courses is 24, so there’s plenty of opportunity to earn as much as needed.

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Earn CPA CPE with These Courses


Naturally, it makes sense to provide Accounting courses for members of the AICPA. So, nearly half of the new courses focus in on specific, accounting-related subjects. From balance sheets to cash flow and income statements, these topical options take learners through financial accounting and important documentation techniques. So, whether you’re looking to refresh on the basics or better understand a troubling subject, VTR Learning can help! Each course is worth a pre-approved amount of technical CPE credit. And our simplified testing methods mean CPAs can focus more on learning than passing an assessment.

Prices for these courses range from $39 to $64. So, if you’re a licensed CPA looking for technical CPE credit, these Accounting topicals are a perfect, inexpensive option for you. They include:

Human Resources Management

On the surface, it might seem strange to offer such a high number of HR courses to CPAs. But when it comes down to it, understanding basic concepts of Human Resources Management can be vitally important for employees in any department. For example, knowing how to successfully motivate employees is a helpful skill for any team or departmental leader. Beyond that, understanding legal guidelines for businesses helps workers know their rights. Of course, it helps know the organizational legal requirements as well. But finally, some areas even overlap between HR and Accounting, like Payroll. So, for that reason, six of the eleven new topical courses cover important Human Resources Management subjects.

Unlike the Accounting topicals, these courses start at $29, and the highest costs only $39. So, if you’re a member of the AICPA looking to better understand HR topics, they are easily affordable. The course subjects include:

Check Out All of VTR Learning’s CPA CPE Courses

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Are you looking to earn more credit for a single course, or different subject matter than what’s listed in this blog? Then, be sure to check out VTR Learning’s full CPA CPE course catalog!

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023