Accounting Associations for CPAs by State

  • Oct 25
Accounting Associations for CPAs by State

Membership with the AICPA comes with many benefits and advantages for accountants across the United States. For example, increased pay, better career opportunities, and access to helpful resources. However, few of these would even seem possible without one central perk of membership – professional networking. In fact, most other benefits likely hinge on the opportunity to connect with other business professionals. Of course, one way this happens is through state accounting associations and societies.

Generally, each state has a corresponding accounting association or society for CPAs. However, some smaller territories like CNMI and Guam might lack such a group. So, CPAs can further benefit from knowing whether their individual locations feature an accounting association.

But before getting into that, it’s important to mention the purpose of these societies. Generally, different accounting associations foster opportunities for continuing education – both for CPAs and the public. This might be carried out through meetings or other private or public events. They also help represent the accounting profession on a governmental level. And furthermore, they offer various membership benefits, such as:

  • Access to CPA exam discounts
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • CPE tracking
  • Job source analysis
  • Referral services

So, membership in a state accounting association or society has it’s benefits. If you’re looking to get involved with one, here are the best places to start.

Accounting Associations for CPAs in Different States

NortheastMidwestSouthWestU.S. Territories
Connecticut Society of CPAsIllinois Society of CPAsAlabama Society of CPAsAlaska Society of CPAsPuerto Rico CPA Society
Maine Society of CPAsIndiana CPA SocietyArkansas Society of CPAsArizona Society of CPAsVirgin Islands Society of CPAs
Massachusetts Society of CPAsIowa Society of CPAsDelaware Society of CPAsCalifornia Society of CPAs
New Hampshire Society of CPAsKansas Society of CPAsFlorida Institute of CPAsColorado Society of CPAs
New Jersey Society of CPAsMichigan Association of CPAsGeorgia Society of CPAsHawaii Society of CPAs
New York Society of CPAsMinnesota Society of CPAsKentucky Society of CPAsIdaho Society of CPAs
Pennsylvania Institute of CPAsMissouri Society of CPAsSociety of Louisiana CPAsMontana Society of CPAs
Rhode Island Society of CPAsNebraska Society of CPAsMaryland Association of CPAsNevada Society of CPAs
Vermont Society of CPAsNorth Dakota CPA SocietyMississippi Society of CPAsNew Mexico Society of CPAs
Ohio Society of CPAsNorth Carolina Society of CPAsOregon Society of CPAs
South Dakota CPA SocietyOklahoma Society of CPAsUtah Association of CPAs
Wisconsin Institute of CPAsSouth Carolina Association of CPAsWyoming Society of CPAs
Tennessee Society of CPAs
Texas Society of CPAs
Virginia Society of CPAs
Greater Washington Society of CPAs
West Virginia Society of CPAs

VTR Learning Courses for CPAs

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Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 16, 2023