Online Finance Courses to Help Boost Your Skills

  • Oct 27
Online Finance Courses to Help Boost Your Skills

It’s no secret that at VTR Learning, we pride ourselves on our story-based, online business courses. But despite the importance of online courses overall, not everyone learns well in a narrative setting. Of course, we hope CPAs have the chance to try our unique courses. But we also want to offer something for everyone. So, in the past, we’ve partnered with various organizations to bring a wider array of courses and topics to our platform. Some individuals might already be familiar with our Medicare and Executive Finance options. But now, we’ve done it again with a suite of online finance courses from PRATTedu. So, whether you’re a beginner or wanting to dig in deeper into financial statements, we have the perfect learning track.

What Makes These Online Finance Courses Unique

Overall, the value of our new online finance courses is as much in the mind behind them as the content itself. Dr. Jamie Pratt is the Emeritus Professor of Accounting at Indiana University in Bloomington. However, that’s far from the only academic position he’s held over his productive career. After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Pratt taught at universities in Seattle, Switzerland, France and Indiana. And he has published more than thirty articles on accounting in top academic journals as well as two textbooks. Suffice it to say, then, that Dr. Pratt’s knowledge of financial subjects is expert-level. And consequently, the PRATTedu course suite is an excellent way to understand the intricacies of financial statements.

Speaking to the courses themselves, the suite starts at a basic level, assuming no prior knowledge. And it works up toward complex financial reporting. The result is a set of online finance courses that can accommodate new learners as well as those already familiar with the subjects. But since each option can also stand alone as an individual course, CPAs who only want to brush up on a specific topic can pick and choose which to take. So, not only is the suite accommodating to one’s level of knowledge but also to their time and needs.

Unlike VTR Learning’s proprietary narrative content, the PRATTedu courses are designed to show learners the step-by-step details of financial statements through a slideshow format. So, it’s fairly easy for individuals to follow along with every part of the process. Ultimately, this cultivates an in-depth look at a subject that many people find difficult. And in doing so, provides a framework for greater understanding.

Our List of New Finance Courses

In order, the PRATTedu online finance courses are:

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Taken together, the entire suite costs $392 and awards 24 CPE credits. However, there is a bundled option which combines the material of the full suite. The Complete Accounting Course Bundle costs only $234, and is worth 26 CPEs. So, it’s the ideal option for those who want to move through the entire suite rather than pick and choose courses.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023