Go Big: Online CPE Courses Worth 10+ Credits

  • Nov 10
Go Big: Online CPE Courses Worth 10+ Credits

Let’s face it — no two people are exactly alike. So it makes sense that CPE needs land sporadically across a wide range of spectrums. Some CPAs utilize online CPE courses to meet most of their requirements. And others try to attend conferences and webinars to accomplish their goals. For some CPAs, the cost of CPE is taken care of by their employer, so price isn’t an issue. But others are left to their own financial devices to pay for and complete whatever opportunities come their way.

Situational factors also play a large part in determining the ideal plan for license renewal. Someone at the start of their recertification period might want to earn as many credits as possible. That way, they can offset the remainder of the year. Alternatively, someone might be days away from their CPE due date and still need a large amount of credits. In both cases, obtaining a large amount of credits with a single course might be the easiest path forward. Fortunately, VTR Learning offers full-length online courses that can help CPAs take an early, giant step forward or catch them up whenever they’re feeling the pressure to meet a deadline. Without further ado, here are four of VTR Learning’s online CPE courses that are worth more than ten credits.

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Knock Out More Credits at Once with These Online CPE Courses

Financial and Managerial Accounting — 28.5 Credits

One of the most popular courses available for a large amount of CPA CPE credit is Financial and Managerial Accounting. Composed of fourteen modules which cover everything from cash flow statements to budgeting processes, this online CPE course introduces the learner to a fictional company called Central Products. Here, they assist the quirky but blunt Tsong Hua as she prepares for the organization’s growth and expansion. The first half of the course deals mainly with the various financial accounting functions. However, the latter modules expound on the intricacies of managerial accounting. Notable topics CPAs can expect to encounter include liabilities and equities, cost benefit analyses, and financial performance analyses. Financial and Managerial Accounting is worth 28.5 Technical CPE credits and costs $229.

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Operations & Management: How to Run a Business — 19.5 Credits

It’s easy to see why Operations & Management: How to Run a Business is one of VTR Learning’s most popular selections. Worth 19.5 CPE credits, this online course covers a wide range of topics intrinsic to effective organizational management. Ultimately, with the understanding that good management is the ability to get things — the right things — done through others. Practical elements of this online CPE course include honing skills like forecasting, planning, and executing projects. However, the subject material also offers learners the chance to look at more theoretical concepts. So overall, they will obtain a holistic understanding of the history and foundations of different management styles. As an intern at a fictional organization, CPAs will observe different department heads conducting fundamental operations and interacting with employees. Operations & Management: How to Run a Business costs $229.

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Global Finance — 19 Credits

An inescapable aspect of the modern business climate is the globalization of the economy, though the trend toward international business expansion comes with complex challenges, financial issues notwithstanding. VTR Learning’s Global Finance course works to clarify some of the most confusing parts of overseas ventures like the foreign exchange market and risk management by placing CPAs in a fictional environment at Central Products. Broken up into twelve modules, this course focuses on issues like direct foreign investment, financial complications with imports and exports, and the future of international finance. Listed for $229, Global Finance is worth 19 Technical CPE credits for CPAs, so it’s the perfect way to hone essential financial skills while taking a large step toward meeting continuing professional education goals.

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Human Capital Management — 16.5 Credits

Human Capital Management is an ideal pick for CPAs looking to obtain a large amount of CPE credit from a single course. Under the guidance of Central Products’ HR Director, Anne Chavez, learners will find themselves immersed in a narrative environment that helps them better understand the role and responsibilities of a healthily functioning HR department. Each of the thirteen modules focuses on a different aspect of human resources, from group dynamics and employer-employee relationships to legal issues and workplace safety, all aimed toward providing CPAs with a beneficial understanding of a healthy organizational culture.

Some of the practical skills taught in this course include hiring and termination, employee motivation and team building — important abilities for anyone in a leadership position, whether they regularly interact with their own organization’s HR department or not. Human Capital Management costs $229 and can be completed for 16.5 CPE credits.

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Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023