Medicare Courses to Keep Up with Coverage Rules

  • Sep 28
Medicare Courses to Keep Up with Coverage Rules

VTR Learning has partnered with one of the largest Medicare education and information nonprofit organizations, The Medicare Rights Center. All to help make valuable resources available for business professionals who otherwise might not have access to informational Medicare materials. At the heart of this partnership, VTR Learning has gained the opportunity to offer four premium Medicare courses. These start by building a foundation of basic information. However, they move to in-depth education necessary to talk about Medicare issues and topics in a professional environment.

These courses are perfect for busy human resources managers who need a crash-course in Medicare education. Particularly because Medicare courses can make it more possible for them to help the aging members of their workforce. Alternatively, the suite works just as well for an employee set to retire soon. Specifically, for those who want to know what options are available to them for healthcare after they exit the workforce. But no matter the situation, individuals on all levels of the corporate ladder can benefit from this course material.

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Keep Up with Medicare Coverage Rules with These 4 Courses

1. Medicare Basics

This introductory Medicare course lays a foundation upon which to build a robust, healthy discussion of the topic. Because it touches on issues like common health insurance terms, Medicare eligibility requirements and other fundamental components of the program. Included here are twenty-four downloadable fact sheets, which you can store on most devices for easy access to information. SHRM, HRCI, and NASBA have all pre-approved Medicare Basics for continuing education credit. Respectively, it is worth 6 PDCs, 5.5 CEUs and 5.5 CPEs for completion. Members of SHRM and HRCI can purchase the course for $69, and licensed CPAs can for $79.

The Medicare Basics details page has more information for members of SHRM and HRCI.

Members of AICPA can access the course page.

2. Medicare Options & Coverage Rules

The second course in the suite is Medicare Options & Coverage Rules. Naturally, it expands on the entry-level knowledge provided in the first course, Medicare Basics. This tier elaborates on the coverage rules for Medicare Parts A, B, C and D, while instilling a deeper knowledge of enrollment periods. It also covers the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, as well as a host of other related issues. Furthermore, this course provides 35 supplemental fact sheets which are downloadable to most computers or smart devices. Pre-approved by SHRM, HRCI and NASBA, Medicare Options & Coverage Rules is worth 8 PDCs, 8 CEUs and 8 CPEs. Members of SHRM and HRCI can pick up the course for $69, and AICPA members can get it for $79.

Members of SHRM or HRCI can access this course details page for more information on Medicare Options & Coverage Rules.

You can find further information on the course information page for CPAs.

3. Appeals and Penalties

The penultimate entry in the list of Medicare courses for business professionals is the third-level option, Medicare: Appeals & Penalties. Of course, this level assumes at least a basic familiarity with the topics and issues associated with Medicare. However, it equips individuals with the knowledge needed to assist various Medicare beneficiaries. Particularly in the appeals process, should the program deny coverage for a particular need. Furthermore, learners will receive an overview of Medicare premiums and penalties. And this includes 21 downloadable supplemental fact sheets for offline access to helpful information. As with the previous two courses in the suite, SHRM, HRCI, and NASBA each accredit Medicare: Appeals & Penalties. Respective to the organizations, learners can earn 7.5 PDCs, 7 CEUs or 7.5 CPEs for successful completion of the course. HR professionals can purchase the course for $69, and members of AICPA can find it for $79.

For more information on Medicare: Appeals & Penalties, members of HRCI and SHRM can view the corresponding details page.

CPAs can find helpful course information on the details page.

4. Other Insurance and Assistance Programs

The last of the four Medicare courses offered by VTR Learning is Medicare: Other Insurance and Assistance Programs. This course, which is worth 6 PDCs, CEUs and CPEs, deals with in-depth information related to Medicare issues in the workplace. This includes how other types of health insurance interact with Medicare. But it moves on to focus on navigating low-income assistance programs and screening Medicare beneficiaries for those programs. Furthermore, learners will gain an understanding of coordination and benefits. This capstone course contains eighteen downloadable supplemental documents for easy access on most devices. And it costs $69 for members of SHRM and HRCI or $79 for CPAs.

More information is available on the course’s shop page for members of HRCI and SHRM.

AICPA members can find further information on Medicare: Other Insurance and Assistance Programs on the details page.

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For the best experience, learners new to the topic should start with Medicare Basics and work up from there. It should be noted that each course can be taken and purchased as a standalone option. All of VTR Learning’s online Medicare courses can be found in the shop.

Furthermore, Medicare Rights Center isn’t VTR Learning’s only partnership. For example, check out Dr. Pratt’s finance courses!

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 14, 2023