Online APA RCH Courses Under $60

  • Apr 30
Online APA RCH Courses Under $60

It’s no secret that continuing education costs can pile up quickly. So, when it comes to license recertification, it makes sense to look for low-cost options. But with cheaper online courses, there’s a fine line between high- and low-quality experiences. After all, it’s difficult to keep your mind from wandering when a disembodied narrator simply reads over a slide presentation. That’s why VTR Learning offers online APA RCH courses with a different approach. In these online, self-paced options, payroll professionals learn business techniques by seeing them play out in a narrative format. Here, learners take on the role of an intern at a fictional company called Central Products. So, instead of sitting through a lackluster presentation, they can experience it alongside characters in a true-to-life setting. And for those who need low-cost courses, VTR Learning has the perfect options. So, there’s no need to choose between cost and quality.

4 Low-Cost, Online APA RCH Courses

Managerial Accounting: Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost benefit analysis is something every business professional should be familiar with, no matter their department or area of expertise. Because, at the end of the day, knowing how to conduct them is beneficial in a personal setting as much as in one’s career. In a basic sense, cost benefit analyses weigh financial expenses against outcomes in order to secure the best path forward. And ultimately, everyone relies on cost benefit analysis to some extent. Whether deciding the best meal plan or the ten-year direction of a major corporation, understanding how to conduct these analyses is essential. And this course will show you how to do just that.

Here, learners will become familiar with data auditing and financial planning processes to understand the limits of cost benefit analysis. Other topics include regulatory ethics, the allocation process, and the cost volume profit model. This course is worth 3 RCHs and can be purchased for $49. So, if you’re looking to better understand cost benefit analyses, be sure to look at the course details.

Human Resources: Employees and the Organization

In almost every organizational setting, employees are the foundation of essential operations. Even with an increase in business automation, companies would cease to function well without skilled and knowledgeable employees overseeing operations. So, it might as well be said that good employees are the lifeline of an organization. And if that’s true, then understanding employment and types of workers is one of the most important roles of corporate leaders. Employees and the Organization focuses on a host of different topics that impact the relationship between organizations and workers, including:

  • Various stages of the employment relationship
  • Concepts of organizational justice
  • Employee dishonesty, theft and fraud
  • Needs Assessments and career development

Quote about the importance of skilled employees in business

Understanding the role of an employee within an organization isn’t solely the responsibility of upper management, though. Ultimately, it falls to both sides to know the rights, responsibilities and roles of individuals and the organization. So, if this is an area you could use some more information in, check out Employees and the Organization. It is available for $59 and is worth 4 RCHs for completion. The details page has more info for those interested.

Human Resources: Basics of Payroll

It would be strange not to offer a course on payroll for members of the American Payroll Association. And while most individuals might be familiar with the basics of the topic, our course moves further to discuss motivation. So, it is a helpful addition to the toolbelt of anyone looking for low-cost, online APA RCH courses. A few of the most important topics include pay structures, benefits, health insurance policies and retirement/pension funds. But payroll professionals can expect to become familiar with content and process theories of motivation as well. And by the end of the course, they should recognize how to address individual needs in the workplace.

The Basics of Payroll is available for $49, and individuals who complete it will receive 3 RCHs. If you want to know more about this course, be sure to check out this further information.

Human Resources: Organizational Structure

How much time do you spend thinking about the best organizational structure for your company? Chances are, very little. But implementing a corporate design that works best for your organization can be the difference between success and failure. In this short APA RCH course, professionals will encounter topics such as:

  • Different types of organizational structures
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Autonomous Work Groups

Ultimately, the type of organizational structure that works best for one company might be different from another. So, it’s important to learn the basics and how to determine a healthy format. In doing so, business leaders can contribute to efficiency and productivity. For members of the APA, this course is worth 2 RCHs and costs $49. Interested in knowing more? Check out the course info.

Other APA RCH Courses Under $60

Whether you are simply looking for more online APA RCH courses or none of the ones listed sounded interesting to you, don’t worry. VTR Learning has a handful of other APA courses available for members of the American Payroll Association. So, be sure to check out our full course catalog in the shop to find the right, low-cost option for your continuing education needs.

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Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023