APA Credit Available with These 5 Courses

  • May 4
APA Credit Available with These 5 Courses

Early in 2021, VTR Learning released a host of new short courses for members of the American Payroll Association. And though we announced the news in a previous blog, we didn’t offer much detail about what to expect. Since APA members have been the most vocal about wanting new self-study options, we want to shine a light on them. So, in case you missed it earlier, here are five of the new APA credit courses for payroll professionals.

5 Human Resources Courses for APA Credit

Employees and the Organization

Without talented employees, organizations are dead in the water. And that’s something every business leader, no matter the department or role, should understand. Put differently, an organization that treats its employees expendably is only crippling its own efforts. On the other hand, a company that values its workers and provides a good environment for them invests in its long-term success. But knowing how to create a healthy, thriving environment isn’t always intuitive. As with many things, it may take a bit of trial and error. But having a good baseline is usually the best starting point, and that’s what this course provides.

Employees and the Organization takes a look at a wide range of topics, from behavioral ethics to stages of employment. And in between the two bookends, learners can expect to become familiar with:

  • Realistic Job Previews
  • Contractors and Employees
  • Organizational Justice
  • Assessing Organizational and Employee Needs

At the end of the course, payroll specialists should be able to select how to contribute to employee training and development. This short course costs $59 and is worth 4 RCHs for members of APA. So, if this is a topic that appeals to you, be sure to check out the product details.

Motivation and Behavior

Good and bad employees are not determined by their motivation. Because, at the end of the day, every individual goes through periods of low drive. But it’s up to departmental managers to know and understand how to appropriately motivate employees to accomplish goals. Sometimes, this means providing external rewards or reasons. But other times, the task is primarily one of helping employees motivate themselves. Whatever the situation, understanding how to assess behavior and the motivation behind that behavior is important. And this course should help payroll professionals better understand this topic. Because, even if they aren’t in charge of a team, it can help to know what motivates and drives oneself.

This short APA credit course explores how motivation and behavior impact productivity and success. And by looking at theories and effects, payroll specialists can understand how to assess employee needs as well as detriments of unfulfilled needs. Motivation and Behavior costs $49, and APA members who complete it will receive 2 RCHs.

Interested in finding out more about this important subject? Be sure to take a look at the course details page.

Organizational Structure

When it comes to the success or failure of an organization, one factor not always taken into account is structure. Does a tall or flat format work better? How many employees should each manager be in charge of? Well, the answer isn’t always the same. It depends largely on the corporate culture of the organization and on a host of other factors. So, learning how to assess the benefits of different organizational structures and implement them is a helpful skill to hone.

With this APA credit course, payroll professionals can get a glimpse into the HR department’s role in creating a beneficial corporate structure. Important topics included in this subject include:

  • Job Task Analysis
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Autonomous Work Groups

Organizational Structure is worth 2 RCHs for APA members and can be purchased for $49. And even though payroll specialists might not be in charge of determining corporate format, knowing the importance of it is still beneficial knowledge. So, if you could benefit from a short study on the topic, go ahead and check out more details on the product page.

Legal Compliance

One of the central roles of Human Resources managers is knowing and helping the organization comply with legal standards. But it isn’t the sole responsibility of HR specialists to look into this topic. Every person in an organization should be familiar with both ethical and legal requirements. Because some of those standards let workers know their own rights. Furthermore, organizations have the responsibility to act in the best interest of society as a whole. So, this isn’t just a matter of keeping business leaders in line. It’s a way of ensuring an organization is both contributing to and benefiting from an ethical environment. Helping individuals understand this concept is the root of VTR Learning’s course, Legal Compliance.

Quote about ethical and legal requirements in the workplace

In this selection, payroll professionals will learn to identify the legal context of business functions. This includes the ability to resolve business disputes in healthy, effective ways. A few of the key topics included in this course are labor unions, background checks, labor laws, and behavioral ethics. So, employees in any department and field, APA members notwithstanding, can benefit from the information. Legal Compliance is available for $49 in the shop, and it is worth 2.5 RCHs for payroll specialists.

More information on this short, APA credit course is available on the details page.

Creating a Safe Workplace

Much like the responsibility of organizations to abide by legal standards, companies have a duty to provide safe workplace environments. Of course, this cannot be accomplished in all cases — some jobs are intrinsically dangerous. But there are certain steps and standards company leaders can employ to make the safety of employees a top priority. And that’s the focus of Creating a Safe Workplace.

Focusing on common types of workplace injuries, safety practices and legal issues, this course provides a foundation for the topic of workplace safety. Workers’ compensation and workplace safety administrations like OSHA are also discussed alongside these subjects. So, anyone looking to better understand safety habits and good workplace precautions could benefit from this course. At $49 and 2.5 RCHs, it is a helpful option for payroll professionals looking to pick up a handful of APA credit.

If this sounds like an intriguing or beneficial topic, go ahead and check out more course details.

Need More Courses for APA Credit?

These five courses can help you get started in the continuing education and license renewal processes. But since you’ll likely need more credit, why not check out some more of VTR Learning’s courses for APA credit? With short and long courses alike, we are able to meet a wide range of needs. So, take a moment to look through our full course catalog in the shop.

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Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023