New APA RCH Courses – Don’t Miss Them!

  • Mar 17
New APA RCH Courses – Don’t Miss Them!

It’s probably safe to assume APA members have been the most vocal about wanting more courses from VTR Learning. On multiple occasions, Payroll Specialists have told us they hoped we would add more options for APA RCH Courses. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why earlier this year, we decided to release six topical options that deal with subjects from Human Resources Management. These APA-approved courses are each between one and two hours. So, they’re a great option for Payroll Specialists looking to earn RCH credit quickly and affordably. But since the combined credit total for these courses is 16 RCHs, APA members can also earn a large amount if need be.

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Earn APA RCH Credit with These New Human Resources Courses

Now, you might be asking why VTR Learning offers so many courses centered around Human Resources Management, especially for Payroll Specialists. Well, the simplest answer is that payroll is an HR function for many organizations. But that aside, there are numerous other reasons why we think it’s important for employees in all departments to understand HR functions.

Perhaps most importantly, members in any organization need to know their rights as employees. That is, what the company can and cannot legally require of them. On another note, though, Human Resources Management deals with topics like employee motivation. Understanding how to successfully and positively motivate a team or individual is a vital skill for any departmental leader. And what about creating a safe, healthy workplace? You guessed it — another HR function that can affect large numbers of people positively or negatively.

The bottom line is, HR functions impact employees of an organization at every level. And for that reason alone, it’s important for individuals to understand the role of a healthy HR department.

The new APA RCH courses cost between $49 and $59 and range from 2-4 credits apiece. So, if you’re an APA member interested in learning more about Human Resources Management, or if you just need a handful of RCHs, they are a great option! The full list of courses includes:

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The American Payroll Association is a prominent organization with an admirable purpose. And because much of its efforts focus on educating professionals, continued learning is essential. So, if you’re looking for more APA RCH courses, VTR Learning has you covered. Our largest course, Financial and Managerial Accounting, is worth 26 RCHs! So, if you need more credit to meet your continuing education goals, check out the full course catalog.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated May 24, 2024