American Payroll Association Chapters by State

  • Jun 23
American Payroll Association Chapters by State

Undoubtedly, one of the best benefits of APA membership is the ability to network with other like-minded professionals. In fact, since the organization has a primary goal of equipping specialists with helpful resources, this interaction is almost necessary. After all, what better way to provide such a service than by creating an environment where individuals can collaborate? This is why American Payroll Association chapters are such a vital part of the organization’s structure and purpose. Without these local bodies, networking and individual growth would become much more difficult.

Arguably, payroll specialists attempting to grow their skills without a chapter membership significantly disadvantage themselves. So, it’s important to know how to connect with one or several American Payroll Associate chapters near you.

If you’re looking for a way to plug into a group, the following list can help point you in the right direction. Simply find your state, then look for the nearest American Payroll Association chapters.


Birmingham Payroll Association


Northern Lights Chapter


Flagstaff Area Chapter

  • Location: Flagstaff
  • 16 Members
  • No fee information
  • APA Profile

Metro Phoenix Chapter


Central Coast Chapter

  • Location: Salinas
  • 35 Members
  • Fees
    • $50 (annual regular)
    • $75 (annual associate)
    • $100 (regular corporate)
    • $125 (corporate associate)
  • APA Profile

East Bay Chapter

Greater Los Angeles Chapter

Inland Empire Chapter

Kern County Chapter

  • Location: Bakersfield
  • 30 Members
  • Fees
    • $50 (annual)
    • $50 (annual 2 same company)
    • $35 (monthly meeting non-paid membership)
    • $25 (monthly meeting paid membership)
  • Kern County Chapter Website
  • APA Profile

North San Diego County Chapter

Orange County Chapter

Sacramento Valley Chapter

San Diego Chapter

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

San Gabriel Valley Chapter

Silicon Valley Chapter


Denver Chapter

Northern Colorado Chapter

Southern Colorado Chapter


Hartford Chapter

District of Columbia

Washington Metro Area Chapter


Bay to Gulf Chapter

Gulf Coast Chapter

  • Locations: Bradenton, Sarasota
  • 16 Members
  • Fees
    • $50 (FPC study group)
    • $75 (CPP study group)
  • APA Profile

Jacksonville Chapter

Miami Chapter

  • Location: Miami
  • 0 Members
  • Fees
    • $50 (national)
    • $55 (non-national)
  • APA Profile

Orlando Chapter

Southeast Florida Chapter

  • Locations: Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie
  • 30 Members
  • Fees
    • $75 (regular)
    • $85 (associate)
    • $10 (corporate discount)
  • APA Profile


Atlanta Chapter

  • Location: Atlanta
  • 135 Members
  • Fees
    • $65 (single APA national)
    • $80 (single APA non-national)
    • $140 (corporate – 3 members)
    • $40 (study group special)
  • Atlanta Chapter Website
  • APA Profile

Central Savannah River Area Chapter


Hawaii Chapter


Chicago Chapter

Fox Valley Chapter


Indianapolis Chapter


Central Iowa Chapter

Iowa-Illinois Chapter

  • Location: Quad Cities Area
  • 15 Members
  • Fees
    • $50 (annual)
  • APA Profile


Wichita Chapter


Payroll Professionals of Kentuckiana


Maine Association of Payroll Professionals


Charm City Payroll Association


Greater Boston Chapter


Detroit Chapter

Great Lakes Bay Chapter

West Michigan Chapter


Northstar Chapter


Central Mississippi Chapter


Gateway Association of Payroll Professionals

Greater Kansas City Chapter

Joplin Chapter of Southwest Missouri


Southern Nevada Chapter

  • Locations: Las Vegas and Surrounding Area
  • 50 Members
  • No fee information
  • APA Profile

New Jersey

Central Jersey Chapter

North Jersey Chapter

  • Locations: Bergen, Essex, Passaic County
  • 100 Members
  • Fees
    • $40 (annual)
  • APA Profile

South Jersey Chapter

New Mexico

Albuquerque Chapter

  • Locations: Albuquerque, Santa Fe
  • 50 Members
  • Fees
    • $45 (active)
  • APA Profile

New York

Buffalo-Niagara Chapter

  • Location: Buffalo, Niagara Falls Area
  • 50 Members
  • Fees
    • $60 (membership)
  • APA Profile

Greater Rochester Area Chapter

Long Island Chapter

New York Metropolitan Chapter

New York State Capital Region Chapter

North Carolina

Charlotte Chapter

North Carolina Triangle Chapter

Triad Chapter


Canton Hall of Fame Chapter

Columbus Area Chapter

Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Chapter

Greater Cleveland Chapter

Miami Valley Chapter

Toledo Area Chapter

  • Location: Toledo
  • 40 Members
  • Fees
    • $80 (annual membership)
    • $10 (member meeting fee)
    • $20 (non-member meeting fee)
    • $15 (national member discount)
  • APA Profile


Oklahoma City Chapter


Central Oregon Chapter

  • Locations: Bend, Redmond, LaPine, Madras
  • 10 Members
  • Fees
    • $20 (regular)
    • $25 (associate)
  • APA Profile

Heart of Oregon Chapter

Portland Metropolitan Payroll Association

Willamette Chapter


Lehigh Valley Chapter

  • Locations: Allentown, Reading, Poconos Area
  • 125 Members
  • Fees
    • $30 (regular)
    • $35 (associate)
  • APA Profile

Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

Susquehanna Valley Chapter

Western Pennsylvania Chapter

South Carolina

South Carolina Chapter

  • Location: Columbia
  • 63 Members
  • Fees
    • $50 (annual)
    • $100 (corporate)
  • APA Profile

Upstate South Carolina Chapter

Western Piedmont Chapter

  • Location: Greenwood
  • 15 Members
  • No fee information
  • APA Profile

South Dakota

Siouxland Chapter


Chattanooga Chapter

East Tennessee Chapter

Greater Nashville Chapter


Alamo Chapter

Dallas Chapter

Fort Worth Chapter

Houston Chapter

Lone Star Chapter

  • Location: Duncanville
  • 5 Members
  • Fees
    • $40 (national member)
    • $50 (local member)
    • $25 (student member)
  • APA Profile

The Woodlands Chapter

  • Location: The Woodlands
  • 50 Members
  • Fees
    • $36 (regular)
    • $45 (associate)
    • $144 (corporate membership)
  • APA Profile


Utah Chapter

Utah Valley Chapter


Green Mountain Payroll Association

  • Location: Central Vermont
  • 105 Members
  • Fees
    • $35 (APA members)
    • $50 (non-APA members)
  • APA Profile


Hampton Roads Chapter

Richmond Chapter

Southwest Virginia Chapter


Inland Northwest Chapter

  • Locations: Spokane, Poast Falls
  • 0 Members
  • Fees
    • $50 (annual)
    • $10 (monthly meeting)
  • APA Profile

Rainier Chapter

West Virginia

Charles Town West Virginia Chapter


Chippewa Valley Chapter

  • Location: Eau Claire
  • 10 Members
  • No fee information
  • APA Profile

Greater Madison Area Chapter

Greater Milwaukee Chapter

Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

Get Involved with One of the American Payroll Association Chapters

Obviously, there are plenty of American Payroll Association chapters spread out across the country. And this makes it easier for organization members to find a local group and get involved. Beyond the ability to network, chapter membership can also provide helpful resources for continuing education and professional growth. Sometimes, meetings themselves might count toward recertification goals.

However, meetings along generally won’t account for every bit of credit various APA members might need. And furthermore, it isn’t always possible to get this credit through the various American Payroll Association chapters.

Fortunately, VTR Learning also provides a unique and convenient way for APA members to obtain RCH credits. We have something for every learner, from eBooks and video lectures to courses that place the learner in a business simulation. So, members of American Payroll Association chapters who can’t attend meetings still have a helpful resource for completing continuing education.

Overall, the the various American Payroll Association chapters work together to ensure APA members have everything they need to succeed. So, it’s in the best interest of each individual to seek out their closest group and find a way to get involved.