4 Online Courses for 10+ HRCI and SHRM Credits

  • Feb 3
4 Online Courses for 10+ HRCI and SHRM Credits

Sometimes, the best way to tackle continuing education requirements is by knocking out a block of hours all at once. And for HR professionals, this might mean taking longer courses for a large amount of HRCI or SHRM credits. For some, this is arguably the most cost-effective method. However, other individuals might just want to simplify the process. Either way, it’s possible to meet goals without attending expensive conferences or purchasing short course after short course. Instead, completing one longer, credit-heavy course can help meet self-study requirements.

Individuals who are just starting their continuing education journey and are looking to get ahead can benefit from longer, online courses. And professionals who have fallen behind can use them to catch up as quickly as possible. But personal reasons aside, courses worth a large amount of HRCI or SHRM credits can simplify the license renewal process.

Collect HRCI and SHRM Credits All At Once

VTR Learning offers a variety of HR courses worth more than ten HRCI and SHRM credits for Human Resources professionals. What’s more, all of them are pre-accredited with both organizations. So, any person certified with both HRCI and SHRM can earn credit for each organization by completing a single course. And this obviously reduces the time they need to spend on continuing professional education efforts.

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As an approved provider for HRCI and SHRM, VTR Learning’s courses meet both organization’s completion and scoring requirements. While each organization requires full course completion in order to receive credit, neither specifies a necessary passing score. And because there’s no pass/fail dynamic, HR professionals can take courses and learn for the sake of growing.

Here are a few of the courses available through VTR Learning for HRCI and SHRM credits.

Try These Course Options Worth 10+ HRCI and SHRM Credits

Financial and Managerial Accounting

The world of accounting is often feared by those unfamiliar with the methods and processes of the profession. But that doesn’t have to be the case. HR professionals might have no intrinsic need to understand the specifics of accounting. However, laying a basic knowledge of the topic can aid in cross-departmental communication. And through the course, Financial and Managerial Accounting, HR pros can gain this knowledge while earning HRCI and SHRM credits. Worth 32.5 PDCs and 30 CEUs, it covers topics like budgeting, financial planning, and financial statements. And with this knowledge, HR managers can build a comprehensive understanding of important topics in accounting. Financial and Managerial Accounting costs $269.

If you’re looking for a massive amount of credits in one course, Financial and Managerial Accounting is perfect option. So, be sure to check out the course details.

International Business

One of the most impactful trends in modern business is the globalization of the economy. And this fact weighs heavily on the shoulders of Human Resources specialists. Not only do they have to understand and comply with local customs and laws but also those of other nations. Some of which might be very different from what they’re used to. Conducting successful and effective international business ventures requires HR managers to know the resources as their disposal. Fortunately, International Business covers several of those available. This course covers topics like direct foreign investment, different cultures and norms, and the basics of foreign exchange. Worth 27.5 PDCs and 26 CEUs,¬†International Business¬†costs $269.

Whether international business is a concern for your organization or simply a topic of interest, this course is for you. Especially since it’s one of several selections for earning a large amount of HRCI and SHRM credits. You can find out more about the course on the product page.

Navigating Global Culture in Business

Closely related to the topic of international business is that of cultural sensitivity. Even for companies which opt to remain purely domestic. Because the probability of having cross-cultural encounters is extremely high. You might find yourself working with clients and distributors who represent a different culture. Or as an HR manager, you might hire employees of various unfamiliar backgrounds. So, it’s vital to recognize and respect the values and traditions important to those of other nationalities. Navigating Global Culture in Business, explores topics like ethics, communication disparity, religious differences and difficulties of living and working abroad. This selection costs $199 and is worth 22 CEUs and/or PDCs for members of HRCI and SHRM.

As one of VTR Learning’s most practical courses for, Navigating Global Culture in Business is a great option. And HR professionals can earn a large portion of the required HRCI and SHRM credits for license renewal. Further details are available on the course description page.

Characteristics of Effective Leadership

The topic of effective leadership is relevant for any departmental setting, whether Human Resources, Accounting, Executive or otherwise. Because knowing how to lead effectively is paramount to ensuring a healthy and functional organization. But part of leadership is knowing how to be a follower. So, VTR Learning’s Characteristics of Effective Leadership course explores this concept. HR professionals taking this course will become familiar with the foundations of leadership. Moreover, they will learn how to enlist others to help achieve organizational goals and contribute to the heart of leadership. Costing $199, Characteristics of Effective Leadership can be completed for 21.5 CEUs and 21.5 PDCs.

If you could benefit from this topic, the course is the perfect way to earn HRCI and SHRM credits. Check out the course details page for more information.

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VTR Learning has multiple other courses which are accredited for HRCI and SHRM credits, each worth varying amounts. Even some which meet the new HRCI ethics requirement. Check out the full HR course shop to see them all!

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023