Our Top 10 HRCI and SHRM Courses

  • Aug 24
Our Top 10 HRCI and SHRM Courses

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VTR Learning is an online provider of continuing education courses for various accrediting organizations like HRCI and SHRM. And all of the courses offered are also pre-approved for a set amount of CEUs or PDCs. So, business professionals looking to earn credit can rest assured that they will obtain the exact amount specified. Of course, members of HRCI can search the organization’s approved provider directory if they wish to confirm VTR Learning’s approved provider status. And members of SHRM can also search on their recertification provider directory.

Quote about how VTR Learning's HRCI and SHRM courses take a narrative approach to learning

In contrast to other online HRCI and SHRM approved course providers, VTR Learning takes a narrative approach to business education. Overall, it involves a fictional company called Central Products and a host of memorably characters. All with the purpose of showcasing various circumstances that demonstrate how business functions might play out in a realistic setting. As stipulated by HRCI and SHRM, in order to receive credit, individuals must complete a course in its entirety. However, there is no passing score requirement, so HR professionals taking VTR Learning courses can proceed without fear of failure. Furthermore, neither organization limits the amount of continuing education credit obtainable from VTR Learning’s self-study courses. So, members of both HRCI and SHRM can take as little or as much as needed for license renewal.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 courses VTR Learning has to offer HR professionals.

Earn Credits for HRCI and SHRM with These 10 Courses

1. Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success

Of course, VTR Learning’s top course for HR professionals is Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success. Overall, this popular selection is worth 28.5 PDCs and 26 CEUs. It casts the learner as an intern for Central Products’ HR department. Here, they learn from the Human Resources Director, Anne Chavez. Functioning as a broad overview, learners can expect to cover everything from legal issues, like drug use in the workplace, to team-building principles. This course is currently available for $269.

You can find more information about this HRCI and SHRM approved course here.

2. Characteristics of Effective Leadership

Undoubtedly, Characteristics of Effective Leadership is one of VTR Learning’s most narratively interesting courses. It follows the triumphs and failures of Central Products’ CEO as he navigates the difficult terrain of business leadership. Overall, this course combines classic and modern insights on the topic of leadership for a more holistic view. But it further examines individual, interpersonal and institutional examples of effective leadership. Simultaneously, it boasts a practical side, helping learners understand how to plan for the future, enlist followers and enable them. All with the purpose of carrying out personal and organizational vision. This course, which costs $199, grants 21.5 CEUs and/or PDCs.

For further information on Characteristics of Effective Leadership, check the course details page.

3. Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success (eBook)

Not all people learn in the same way, and that’s something VTR Learning has taken into account. As such, this course is a condensed version of the full-length Human Resources course listed above. However, instead of presenting the material in a narrative format, all story and video elements have been removed. And the material is provided in written form. So, anyone looking to engage the same concepts from the HR course can without having to wade through lengthy simulation. This course is worth 9 CEUs and/or 10.5 PDCs and can be purchased for $99.

More information on the eBook, Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success, can also be found here.

4. Financial and Managerial Accounting

This course boasts the largest credit count of any VTR Learning self-study option, worth 32.5 PDCs and/or 30 CEUs. Admittedly, the principles and techniques discussed may be more difficult to grasp than those in other top options. However, Financial and Managerial Accounting remains a popular SHRM and HRCI approved course. Under the tutelage of Tsong Hua, one of Central Products’ highly competent accountants, learn to create and interpret financial documents. And furthermore, gain useful knowledge of concepts such as budgeting, financial planning and data auditing. This course can be purchased for $269.

For more details on Financial and Managerial Accounting, also visit the course details page.

5. Business Strategy

Even among VTR Learning’s story-based courses, Business Strategy is a unique selection. Because HR professionals will be whisked through time to analyze businesses in the past and future. All to better understand what types of strategies lead to failed ventures and which contribute to organizational success. Topics covered in this whirlwind of a course include forecasting, disruption management, external and internal analyses, positioning, and branding. Worth 27.5 PDCs and 26 CEUs, Business Strategy can be purchased for $269.

Further information on this unique course can be found here.

6. International Business

Increased globalization means many businesses which were once purely domestic now conduct operations in multiple locations around the world. And while these ventures can be exciting, they can also be extremely difficult to navigate. In VTR Learning’s course on International Business, HR professionals also work alongside Courtney, Abdel and CK, three new regional managers. And together, they’ll learn about market analysis, direct foreign investment, cross-cultural management and many other concepts. This course costs $269 and is gives 27.5 PDCs and/or 26 CEUs.

Specific details on the course, International Business, are also available here.

7. Operations and Management: How to Run a Business

In this course, HR professionals have the opportunity to learn from some of Central Products’ top executives and department managers. Here, they’ll gain insight into topics like forecasting, planning and scheduling projects. Operations and Management: How to Run a Business also demonstrates quantitative methods for controlling the trajectory of an organization. This popular selection costs $269, and members of SHRM and HRCI can receive 27 PDCs and/or 26 CEUs for completion.

For further information on Operations and Management: How to Run a Business, see the course details page.

8. Navigating Global Culture in Business

In today’s world, it’s important to recognize and adapt to issues of globalization, even for purely domestic companies. Because the likelihood of working with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures is extremely high. Arguably, HR professionals must know how to navigate complex issues related to race, culture and religion. So, for anyone interested in knowing more about these important subjects, this course is a must-take. Learners work alongside Abdel and Tanya, two Central Products employees preparing to set up operations in the Middle East. Overall, they’ll encounter topics like syncretism, cultural tact and sensitivity, effective cross-cultural communication, the effects of religion on business and much more. Navigating Global Culture in Business costs $199 and is worth 22 PDCs and/or CEUs.

For further information on this important SHRM and HRCI approved course, check out the details page.

9. Human Resources: The Basics of Payroll

Unlike the majority of the courses featured on this list, Human Resources: The Basics of Payroll is a short, topical deep-dive into a single subject, exploring components of payroll like pay structures, benefits, health insurance policies and retirement funds. Members of SHRM and HRCI can earn 3 PDCs and/or CEUs for completing this course, which costs $49.

Further information on Human Resources: The Basics of Payroll is available here.

10. Managerial Accounting: Financial Performance Analysis

The final course on our top ten selection is Managerial Accounting: Financial Performance Analysis, which is another topic exposition on subjects like cost classifications, responsibility centers, flexible budgeting and the importance of adequately communicating intentions, both cross-departmentally and within a single operating body. This helpful course is available for $49, and HR professionals can also earn 2 PDCs and/or CEUs for completing it.

For further information on Managerial Accounting: Financial Performance Analysis, see the details page.

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Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 14, 2023