Navigating Global Culture in Business

Est. Study Time: 12 hours
22 CEUs
22 PDCs


Get ready to span the globe with Bairos and the rest of the International team as they work to position Central Products to become a major multinational, multicultural name in their market! You will walk through the journey with them as they prepare for new business ventures in countries with cultures and ideas which often clash, experiencing cross-cultural ethics and disparity in communication styles while learning to master the challenges that come with setting up overseas offices, preparing for living and working abroad, relations with foreign government officials, and more! Worth 22 PDCs (SHRM) and 22 CEUs (HRCI Global Credits).
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Learning Objectives

  • Learn what syncretism is and how it can greatly impact international business
  • Understand how to approach those of other cultures with tact and sensitivity
  • Recognize the potential for conflict when doing business cross-culturally
  • Gain an understanding of how to effectively communicate with those of other cultures
  • Begin to recognize the ethical differences between various cultures and how those variances will affect global business
  • Gain an understanding of how religion can affect business
  • Obtain a brief glimpse into the difficulties of living and working abroad, as well as the challenges of sustainability in international business

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