SHRM and HRCI Recertification Under $100

  • Mar 3
SHRM and HRCI Recertification Under $100

The license renewal process for HR professionals is costly in both time and money. After all, trying to fit sixty hours of continuing education per year into a busy schedule is a feat. Although little can be done to shorten the time continuing education takes, something can be done about the cost. VTR Learning provides HR Courses for SHRM and HRCI recertification credit that can be taken online. And since they’re all self-paced, they can fit into even the busiest schedule. The best part? Dozens of them cost less than one hundred dollars.

Spend Less on SHRM and HRCI Recertification Credits

HR Professionals who take courses with VTR Learning can rest assured that the credit they earn is valid for self-study credit through SHRM and HRCI. As an approved provider for each organization, every selection has been pre-approved for continuing education credit. Just turn this in to the accrediting organization following the completion of a course. While both HRCI and SHRM require licensees to complete courses in order to receive credit, there is no scoring standard. So, HR Professionals can focus on learning rather than retaining information long enough to pass a test.

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Check Out These Online Courses Under $100

Human Resources: The Basics of Payroll

Payroll is one of the most important functions for any company. That is, ensuring every employee receives fair and correct compensation in return for their labor and efforts. As simple as this process seems on the surface, there are several factors that aren’t always taken into account. Should companies offer benefits apart from regular compensation? What about insurance, retirement and vacation pay? Are employers required to offer these benefits? Human Resources: The Basics of Payroll offers a brief glimpse into the the answers to these questions. This course provides a foundation for a deeper understanding of payroll. It grants 3 PDCs and/or CEUs and costs $49.

Does Human Resources: The Basics of Payroll sound like a course that can help meet your continuing education needs? If so, check out more details on the course description page.

Medicare Basics

Undoubtedly, offering insight to employees on their health care options is one of the most complicated functions of an HR professional. But since individuals remain in the workforce later into life, it is important for HR professionals to have a basic understanding of the concept. Especially because Medicare coverage may begin prior to retirement for many workers. Consequently, HR Professionals need to know how to advise their peers toward benefits and options that will help them most. VTR Learning offers a Medicare Education course suite spearheaded by Medicare Basics. This course provides invaluable information on different aspects of the government-run program. A few of the numerous topics include:

  • Understanding the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • The history and background of the program
  • The different parts of Medicare
  • Eligibility requirements

This course is an important asset for anyone in Human Resources, and costs $69. Medicare Basics is worth 6 PDCs and/or 5.5 CEUs. Check out the details in the shop.

Managerial Accounting: Cost Benefit Analysis

It may not be immediately clear how an accounting-focused course could help an individual working in a Human Resources role. But understanding how to conduct a cost benefit analysis is beneficial knowledge both professionally and personally. Simply put, a cost benefit analyses help determine the best path between various options. They weigh the cost of one path against its benefits in order to find the one which maximizes return for the least financial obligation. The course, Managerial Accounting: Cost Benefit Analysis costs $49, and HR Professionals can earn 3 PDCs and/or CEUs for completing it. Ultimately, it instructs learners in the differences between managerial and financial accounting while helping them become familiar with the cost volume profit model.

If gaining a better understanding of cost benefit analyses could help you in a personal or professional capacity, check out the course details.

[eBook] Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success

It’s easy to become so flooded with information over the years that basic principles get overlooked or even forgotten. Sometimes, a brief reminder of foundational principles is exactly what someone needs in order to progress in their career field. Luckily, VTR Learning has just that for HR Professionals. The Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success eBook condenses all of the information from the full HR course and puts it into an easily digestible format. This way, anyone looking to better understand the Human Resources profession can do so quickly and efficiently. This course is the perfect option for those looking to refresh themselves on the basics of HRM. It costs $99 and is worth 10.5 PDCs. However, note that only SHRM accredits this course.

Check out this course information if you think [eBook] Human Resources: Promoting Organization Success sounds like the right fit for you.

Medicare Options & Coverage Rules

If you’ve taken the first course in the Medicare Education suite or already have a foundational understanding of the topic, this is the perfect course option. Medicare Options & Coverage Rules builds on foundational health care information, homing in on the titular topics to help HR professionals gain a better understanding of important topics. This information will ensure the learner’s ability to provide helpful and accurate information to members of their workforce who are curious about details of Medicare eligibility and coverage. Members of HRCI or SHRM can complete this $69 course and receive 8 CEUs and/or PDCs.

Is this the course you’ve been looking for? Find out by reviewing the course topics and details.

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VTR Learning offers dozens of other courses for members of SHRM and HRCI that cost less than one hundred dollars. To view the full catalog, just check out the course shop!

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023