Review of VTR Learning’s HRCI Approved Courses

  • Feb 3
Review of VTR Learning’s HRCI Approved Courses

For better or worse, it seems like it’s always easy to figure out what a company thinks about itself. Or at least what that company wants its customers to think about it. After wading through a sea of trite expressions about honest business practices or superior product quality, it can be hard to discern which organizations are being truthful. Because many are only using slick phrases as a quick way to draw a dollar. Alongside the propagation of “fake news”, knowing which businesses are trustworthy and which are manipulative may not come down to what a company says about itself. But rather, what the customers say about it. So, we’ll skip trying to sell you on VTR Learning’s credentials and course content. Instead, we’ll let you read what others have said about our SHRM and HRCI approved online continuing education courses.

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VTR Learning’s adapted their courses from an accredited MBA program, which means some of the topics presented are intrinsically complex. However, readings and videos involving a fictional company called Central Products make the material relatable. Ideally, this helps learners comprehend and digest the topics in smaller pieces rather than large, unwieldy chunks. The following VTR Learning reviews speak to this conciseness. However, they maintain that the content is both thorough and helpful for understanding topics like Human Resources Management.

“The Readings and research were good and insightful but not extremely long and overwhelming, which aided in my learning. Great Job!” 

— Paul B., OBU, on Human Resources Management course

“Good job presenting complex concepts in a concise way.” 

— FP, HRCI Member

“Breaking down the information into smaller bits.”

— Kathleen, when asked what VTR Learning is doing best


As mentioned, VTR Learning’s courses stand with a narrative framework in mind. They also involve a fictional company, Central Products, modeled after a real-life company. Humans have been telling stories for as long as communication has existed, and for good reason — we learn from them. We remember facts, figures and concepts better when paired with an engaging story. So, to help HRCI and SHRM professionals retain information, it follows an engaging, storyline format. Here’s what various individuals have had to say in several VTR Learning reviews.

“VTR provided an engaging way to learn key topics managed within an HR department. The course was easy to follow, engaging, and informational.”

— Marissa, HR Professional

“Making learning very easy by including a lot of hands on experience.”

— Samir, University Student, on VTR Learning is doing best

“I did not get bored at all while watching the videos. Enjoyed the way the information was presented in a real situation type scenario.”

— Jeannie, Professional
Review quote about VTR Learning's SHRM and HRCI approved courses

“Like Real Life”

Constructing courses with a narrative format also has another side. Essentially, it helps learners understand what concepts and ideas might look like when employed in a lifelike, organizational setting. As an intern at Central Products, learners can see how best practices are carried out. And in some cases, understand where companies can make wrong turns that lead to disastrous outcomes. What’s more, all without the negative impact of seeing these harmful situations play out in a real organization. Alongside colorful and loveable characters, HRCI and SHRM professionals can earn credit in a realistic and impactful environment. And this is perhaps one of the most distinct aspects of VTR Learning’s courses. So, here is what business professionals have to say about the real-life simulation.

“I am enjoying everything and I love the interactiveness and real-life aspects of the course... it is ideal for someone that learns the way I do. I feel like I am remembering way more than I ever would reading a textbook. Looking forward to what is next!”

— Shelly P., IWU

“VTR gives students realistic expectations as to what it would truly be like to work in a business environment and to know what is expected of a trainee or employee.”

— Anonymous Student

“I like the simulation of real-world experience (i.e., checking tasks & email, responding, juggling responsibilities)…”

— Bruna G., OBU

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User reviews are a primary way an interested individual can get better information on the products a company offers. But they still only go so far in describing the experience. Ultimately, the best determinant of whether a product will work well is to try it out. VTR Learning’s top courses are always great options, but so are our high-credit courses. We even offer a free course for members of HRCI and SHRM. So, there’s no harm in gaining that first-hand knowledge.

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Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 15, 2023