ACI Learning Courses for Cybersecurity Awareness

  • Oct 4
ACI Learning Courses for Cybersecurity Awareness

More now than ever, individuals and companies alike need to invest in strong cybersecurity awareness and defenses. After all, trends like machine learning have made the digital environment more hostile than ever. And the negative impacts of virtual attacks affect hundreds of millions every year. And those hacks extend far beyond the common populace, striking at the highest political offices and most prominent corporate leaders. Obviously, knowing how to defend against cyberattacks is critical for both private individuals and massive corporations. So, VTR Learning has formed a new partnership with ACI Learning to bring vital tips to business professionals.

However, ACI Learning offers a wealth of knowledge, extending far beyond cybersecurity alone. For example, tips on professional growth and soft business skills that any employee can benefit from learning. So, the partnership pursues multiple avenues of growth for those looking to invest in a more well-rounded education.

The following courses are now available through our partnership with ACI Learning, each set at $129. And through our accreditation with various organizations, members of SHRM, HRCI, and NASBA/CPA can earn credit for completing them.

  • Cyber Autopsy
  • End User Security Awareness
  • Professional Growth
  • Working from Home Tips
  • Essential Soft Skills for Business Professionals

Explore The New ACI Learning Courses

Cyber Autopsy

This three-hour course styled as a documentary takes learners through various real-world cyberattacks to examine their impact. And throughout, they’ll begin to understand the different methods hackers employ to gain entry to systems – both physically and virtually. However, Cyber Autopsy goes even further, explaining how major data breaches could have been stopped or avoided entirely. So, by the end of the course, learners will recognize the importance of strong cybersecurity tactics. But more importantly, they’ll understand concrete, actionable methods for protecting against bad actors.

Cyber Autopsy is accredited with SHRM/HRCI and NASBA for 3.5 credits respectively.

End User Security Awareness

End User Security Awareness is perfect for anyone lacking technical knowledge of cybersecurity and associate risks. This lay-level course, designed for every end user, explains common but critical security topics for today’s work environment. However, it does so in non-technical language. So, learners unfamiliar with the topic won’t lose themselves in the jargon or explanations. At the same time, the course attains a level of depth that ensures end users understand methods for preventing security risks.

End User Security Awareness is accredited with SHRM/HRCI and NASBA for 4.5 credits respectively.

Professional Growth

Finding, getting, and keeping a great job isn’t something that always comes easily. In fact, successful careers build upon hard work and constant development. Professional Growth takes learners through a curriculum designed to offer insight from years of successful experience. Led by Dr. Tara Vanzant Stern, they’ll develop self-management, interviewing skills, planning, and a host of other crucial abilities. Toward the end of the course, they’ll dive into expectations for the first forty-five days of professional employment. That way, whenever they land the perfect job, they have an idea of what’s coming.

Professional Growth is accredited by SHRM/HRCI and NASBA for 10 credits respectively.

Working from Home Tips

Despite the pandemic over the past couple years, working from home was already becoming a much more normal concept in the professional world. But when individuals of all stripes found themselves forced into a remote structure, they quickly discovered some difficulties. Distractions differed from those in the office. Meetings became less efficient. Isolation caused workers to feel alone and depressed. However, many remote workers discovered new ways for dealing with the issues of working from home. And even in a post-pandemic world, they’ve proven extremely helpful. This course takes learners through both technical and non-technical means of making remote work more enjoyable and efficient.

Working from Home Tips is accredited by SHRM/HRCI and NASBA for 2.5 credits respectively.

Essential Soft Skills for Business Professionals

In order to survive, thrive and succeed in business, individuals must develop core soft skills. For example, time management, team building, and career management. This short course quickly breaks down seventeen of these skills into bite-sized information. So, while learners might not get an in-depth discussion of each, they’ll come away knowing where to focus efforts. The actionable information provided can further help them explore their skillsets in ways they’d never thought before.

Essential Soft Skills for Business Professionals is accredited with SHRM/HRCI and NASBA for 2 credits respectively.

Check Out the New ACI Learning Courses

We at VTR Learning are excited for the opportunity to partner with ACI Learning. Especially since it means the ability to provide our users with fantastic, detailed courses on important subjects. If you’re looking for up-to-date information on cybersecurity, search no further. Check out one of the two relevant courses in the list above. Alternatively, if you’re hoping for a course that will help you grow professionally, we’ve covered that too. Head to the shop to check out all the new ACI Learning courses.

Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated March 16, 2023