5 Virtual Courses for HRCI Business Credit

  • Apr 6
5 Virtual Courses for HRCI Business Credit

Isolating business functions or teams might initially seem like a good, efficient idea. After all, if a group can focus specifically on their own tasks, they won’t get bogged down with unnecessary information, right? Not necessarily. In many cases, quarantining teams actually contributes to an uninterested mindset that ignores larger corporate goals. In other words, teams can become so absorbed with their own work that they lose sight of the larger picture. So, one task of an HR Manager is understanding how to break down these silos. Because, in the long-run, achieving real efficiency requires the different parts of an organization to function as members of a team, not as isolated components. That’s why some HR Professionals have to earn HRCI Business Credit.

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The Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) offers eight different certification types for its members. Two of those certifications — SPHR and SPHRi — require individuals to obtain 60 hours of continuing education every three years. In addition, 15 of those hours must be HRCI Business Credits. Business Credits differ from General Credits, because they deal with larger functions of an organization that aren’t specific to a Human Resources department. For example, topics might include finance, marketing or other areas of operations. In essence, HRCI Business Credits help HR Managers understand how to effectively collaborate with other teams in an organization.

Earn HRCI Business Credit with These Courses

If you’re a member of HRCI, you probably know all of this already. However, what you might not know is where you can find the Business Credits you need. But that’s all right, because VTR Learning has you covered. We offer many courses for HRCI Business Credit, some worth a large amount of CEUs and others worth only a handful. That way, we can cater to every professional’s needs — whether large or small. Here are five VTR Learning courses for HR Professionals looking for HRCI Business Credit.

Business Strategy – 26 CEUs

Out of VTR Learning’s full course catalog, Business Strategy is one of the most unique. Taking an unconventional approach, it whisks learners back to the 90s in order to see how bad strategic decisions led to the downfall of a fictitious company. At the same time, it looks toward the future of another company to show how they make good strategic decisions. This way, HR Professionals gain a better understanding of both sides, the good and the bad. In this course, individuals will learn how to conduct external and internal analyses to identify problematic issues. They will also better understand how to assess strategic risk and choose strategies to minimize exposure. Perhaps most importantly, they will learn why proper execution is vital to business strategy, and how to carry out long-term plans.

Business Strategy is worth 26 CEUs (HRCI Business Credit), and can be purchased for $269.

If Business Strategy is a course that sounds right for you, check out more details.

Marketing – 22 CEUs

Marketing, as a concept, is fascinating. It deals with psychology, demography, and a host of other theoretical and practical areas. Moreover, understanding how Marketing works can be beneficial both professionally and personally. Because, once you know how advertisers attempt to get your attention, you can recognize when you’re susceptible to marketing ploys. Of course, marketing can be either positive or negative, helpful or annoying. So, knowing how to market to individuals in a healthy, ethical way is important for companies to understand. And since part of Human Resources Management is knowing how to keep an organization within certain ethical and legal guidelines, having a better understanding of marketing practices can make that even more possible. With VTR Learning’s Marketing course, HR Professionals will find a basic understanding of various strategies, and see how they can play out. They will also learn why market segmentation and branding are vital for sustainability.

Marketing can be taken for 22 CEUs (HRCI Business Credit), and is available for $249.

Want to know more about our Marketing course? Check out these details.

Operations & Management: How to Run a Business – 26 CEUs

When someone thinks of Management, they might think of the individuals at the top of an organization — the CEO, COO or CFO. But management isn’t just a position — it’s a task in and of itself. And knowing how to manage appropriately is vital at every level of a company. Teams have to be managed appropriately, resources have to be managed well. And, yes, the organization as a whole must be well-managed. That’s what VTR Learning’s Operations & Management course looks at. Here, HR Professionals can become familiar with the very foundations of management. They will gain an understanding of planning, forecasting, benchmarking and setting objectives. They will even discover tools to help them manage effectively, whether that means managing their department or their daily schedule.

Operations & Management costs $269 and can be completed for 26 CEUs (HRCI Business Credit).

Interested in taking Operations & Management? Take a better look at the course on the details page.

Data-Driven Decision Making – 22 CEUs

Much like the other courses already listed, Data-Driven Decision Making teaches skills that are important even outside of a professional setting. Because, after all, people need to make good decisions in their daily life as well. In essence, this course shows HR Professionals how to use quantitative methods to analyze decisions and solve problems. With the wide range of resources introduced, learners will understand how to employ a variety of techniques for optimal decision making. A few of the key topics include, forecasting, probabilities and queueing problems.

Data-Driven Decision Making costs $249 and grants 22 CEUs (HRCI Business Credit).

If this course sounds like a good fit for you, make sure to look at the details page.

Managerial Accounting: Financial Performance Analysis – 2 CEUs

VTR Learning offers multiple courses worth a large amount of HRCI Business Credit. However, we also have a host of smaller courses, like Financial Performance Analysis, perfect for HR Professionals who only need a handful of credits. With this course, learners will understand the importance of cross-departmental communication and the need for accurate information. But most importantly, they will learn why accountability and performance cannot be ignored. Cost classifications, flexible budgets, and communicating intentions are a few of the topics HR Professionals will encounter.

Financial Performance Analysis grants 2 CEUs (HRCI Business Credit), and costs $49.

If this short course is the perfect size for meeting your needs, you can find more information.

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Last updated March 15, 2023