OSCPA – What It Is and Why It Matters

  • Apr 5
OSCPA – What It Is and Why It Matters

Arguably, the Oklahoma Society of CPAs is one of the most essential organizations for Oklahoma accountants to partner with. Because, as the only statewide professional body representing CPAs, it both promotes and advocates member interests. Furthermore, the OSCPA offers educational and networking services that are invaluable to professional development. For instance, the site hosts resources for future CPAs looking to get a head start in the field. Additionally, it promotes CPE credit opportunities for licensed accountants intending to recertify. And the multitude of resources go on and on. So, if you’re an aspiring or existing CPA in the state of Oklahoma, you need to know about the OSCPA. Otherwise, you’ll overlook a vital and comprehensive asset.

What Does the OSCPA Do?

The OSCPA formed in 1918, only eleven years after Oklahoma’s statehood. And from the outset, its entire focus centered around promoting strong public perception of CPAs while enhancing their overall competence. Now, well over 100 years later, it holds strongly to those initial principles, representing over 6,000 professional accountants. Notably, individual members hail from several distinct sectors, including public practice, private industry, governmental and educational spheres.

But in terms of actual practice, the OSCPA fulfills its purpose in three distinct ways:

  • Providing helpful membership benefits to suit specific needs
  • Designing and promoting unique and valuable educational opportunities
  • Sponsoring numerous events which encourage professional networking between accounting professionals

Member Benefits

Ultimately, when it comes to membership benefits, a complete breakdown can help individuals determine whether it’s worthwhile. And because there are three different tiers, they can find a plan that works best for their specific needs. For example, the Student membership benefits include scholarships, CPA exam discounts, and job source analysis. Alternatively, Fellow/Provisional membership includes CPE tracking, brand image enhancement, and referral services. So, there are different tools and resources to meet the needs of members at various parts of the licensing process.

Additionally, since OSCPA also provides several non-member benefits, some professionals might decide not to enroll. Overall, the choice comes down to personal and professional need. So, there’s no single right plan. At the very least, accountants should at least look over the different tiers to understand what’s available.

Educational Opportunities Through OSCPA

Of course, it’s difficult to fully separate OSCPA’s educational opportunities from the larger category of benefits. Because these activities and learning sessions are part of the overall package. For instance, access to the knowledge hub, the CPA Focus Magazine and even different networking events represent these perks. So, the various ways of fulfilling OSCPA’s purpose closely link together. Still, the call to curate and promote unique educational opportunities for accounting professionals is distinct.

Regarding license renewal and CPE, OSCPA provides online courses, conferences, webcasts and other learning activities. And although not every instance is designed by the organization, each is vetted and approved for quality assurance. Furthermore, future CPAs preparing for the initial licensing exam can find find helpful study materials and guides. Though, of course, some of these benefits are locked for non-members. So, those professionals looking for the best educational opportunities might be better served by membership with OSCPA.

Networking Opportunities

Ultimately, there are many reasons why businesspeople of all calibers should participate in professional networking events. They help to formulate stronger bonds with likeminded individuals. And in turn, this can lead to better job opportunities, new skills and knowledge, and higher pay. But moreover, networking helps professionals encounter others whose ideas and mindsets differ from their own. And in effect, this contributes to a more well-rounded approach to their industry. So, the accounting profession is far from exempt to the benefits of networking. And fortunately, OSCPA sponsors and advertises multiple networking opportunities throughout the year. Some take place online while many others are in-person, but accountants can easily find options to suit their needs.

How Much Does OSCPA Membership Cost?

As discussed, there are several tiers or classes of membership within the OSCPA, including licensed and unlicensed options. For example, licensed plans include:

  • Public Partner/Shareholder/Person in Charge
  • Industry
  • Public Manager/Senior/Staff
  • Retired/Unemployed/Student/72 or older

And unlicensed options encompass:

  • Industry/Govt/Education
  • Retired/Unemployed/Student/72 or older
  • Out of State
  • Provisional
  • Associate
  • Student

Furthermore, the time of year an individual joins will further dictate price, since membership dues are charged on an annual basis. So, someone joining in May will likely pay more than those in November.

Ultimately, the price for membership can vary widely depending on the class designation and time of year. But prices typically range from $55-$320 and free for students.

Other Resources for CPAs

Obviously, this hardly begins to cover everything the OSCPA does for accountants in Oklahoma. Because the organization also advocates for governmental and legislative interests to positively impact CPAs. It disseminates important updates and news on policies and practices in the profession. And it even helps those in the public sphere connect with accountants and speakers to meet various needs. So, the OSCPA is responsible for a wide variety of tasks and resources beyond what’s been discussed.

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Article written by Braden Norwood

Last updated May 26, 2024