5 Easy to Use Invoicing Templates

  • Jul 12
5 Easy to Use Invoicing Templates

There are so many different skills you need to learn when entering the working world or starting your own business. From accounting to HR, you’ll need to know about many different topics. However, there are some tools that can help make the learning curve a little simpler. Invoicing templates are one of these tools, and they’re readily available online.

Statistics show that the global e-invoicing market could exceed $24.7 billion by 2027, so now is a good time to get in on this trend.

In fact, you don’t need to invest in expensive invoicing software or pay a designer to create the ideal template. There is an abundance of free or cost-effective options that you can customize to suit your needs and create a professional impression.

The Advantages of Invoicing Templates

When you use pre-designed invoicing templates, all you need to do is enter the details of your sales and you’ll have an invoice ready for issue. Invoicing template layouts already include the required fields, and many of these fields such as the invoice number and date automatically generate. This reduces the margin of error, as there’s no manual entry required, all while optimizing the workflow.

You can utilize these templates to streamline and simplify your finances and accounting process. In turn, this will ensure you get paid correctly and on time. Every invoice will look the same, so your customers will know exactly what to look for and where to find relevant information. Invoicing on the go is also much easier when you’re using templates. As long as you have an internet connection, you can create and send invoices straight from your mobile device.

Customized invoice templates come with additional marketing benefits, too. Simply make sure that the required fields appear in your document and then add your brand logo, corporate colors, or other brand identifiers. You can also add a personalized message to say thank you or include links to your website and social pages. Cohesive branding builds trust, and an invoice provides the perfect often-underutilized platform for this.

Now that you understand the benefits, take a look at five different invoice templates that are readily available online.

1. Google Docs Invoicing Template

We all have our own work style, which means that your invoicing template has to be flexible. At the very least, it should allow you to itemize services and products as you require. The free Google Docs invoice templets available in the Google Workspace are a more-than-sufficient option.

Using these templates is straightforward, and they are totally customizable. You can also access them anywhere, as long as you have a Google account and internet connection. It’s easy to share these documents, so if you need someone to review the invoice before you send it, giving them access is simple.

Google Docs invoicing templates are also attractive and boas a professional design, a vital part of reinforcing your business’ reputation.

2. PDF Invoice Template

Available in multiple designs and layouts, downloading and customizing PDF invoices is uncomplicated and requires no design experience. You’ll find an assortment of free and paid-for templates for every industry readily available. PDF is also a preferred final format for invoices, so it makes sense to use a PDF template if you need a quick and simple solution.

You’ll easily find the perfect PDF invoice template available online for your precise business needs. And the clean, professional designs include all the necessary information to facilitate prompt payments. They’re easy to print and look great in this format. So, if you’re sending your bill via regular mail, you won’t need to do everything twice.

3. Word Invoicing Templates

Microsoft Word invoicing templates are exceptionally popular because so many people are familiar with this software. Although the templates are included as part of the package, you’ll have to have purchased the software initially or pay a monthly subscription fee.

The program features several templates that you can tweak to suit your needs, and there are numerous options designed for various purposes. Intuitive and uncomplicated, Word is a great choice for generating simple, well-organized invoices that instill trust in your customers and add credibility to your brand.

4. Excel Invoice Template

An Excel invoice template is the perfect solution to streamlining your invoicing process. Just like Word, Excel is familiar to most people. And even if you only have basic skills, you can create a professional-looking invoice in minutes. Not only are there invoice templates included with the software, but you can also find free Excel invoice templates online. So, there are plenty of options for customization.

Perfectly designed for itemizing and pricing, it’s easy to convert a finished Excel invoice into whatever format you or your client requires. You can also save your invoice as a .DOC, Google Doc, Google Sheet, PDF, or .XLS and send it on.

5. Canva Invoicing Templates

The Invoice Maker by Canva allows you to create free high-quality invoices for your customers in just a few minutes. You can select a template from a wide variety of options at the site and include your branding colors, fonts, and logo.

As a business owner or freelances, you know that brand identity goes further than just being active online. Delivering goods and services of a consistently high standard is essential, and this should extend to your invoices. Add your own look and feel to any of the hundreds of expertly designed invoicing templates at Canva and you can transform a dull document into a brand experience for your clients.

The Importance of Proper Invoicing

Once you set up your invoicing template and start putting it to work, you’ll probably notice a number of changes. on-time and even early payments may become the norm, and recurring invoicing is no longer time-consuming or laborious. It’s important to establish payment terms clearly from the outset, and using an invoice template helps do just that.

When it comes down to it, invoices aren’t just sales receipts. They’re legal documents that safeguard you and your business against error and avoidable risk. Plus, they’re excellent marketing tools that add to the overall customer experience.

Getting the tools you need to streamline your invoicing process is easy. Implementing them is just as simple. With the right invoice template, you can simplify the accounting process, maintain a steady cash flow, and establish your business as a professional entity that customers can trust.

Article guest written and provided by Nina Sharpe.

Last updated March 23, 2023