[eBook] Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success (APA)

9 RCHs


Dive into this e-book and explore each facet of what it takes to work in HR, as well as how to use organizational behavior to add value to a business as a whole. A wonderful review of the fundamentals or an overview for first-time learners, this book covers everything from legal issues to motivating employees through leadership and team-building. Familiarize yourself with the hiring process, from pre-employment through retirement or termination, and gain a better understanding of everyday HR issues like globalization, unions, and OSHA regulations.
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Learning Objectives

  • Discover the importance of employee-employer relationships and how to cultivate them
  • Learn how to conduct company and employee needs assessments
  • Become familiar with the topics of work motivation and group dynamics
  • Gain an understanding of compensation and benefits, work analysis, legal issues, and unions
  • Learn how to address health and safety concerns in an organizational setting

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APA: VTR is an Approved Provider for the APA. This program meets the requirements for fulfilling the continuing education requirements to earn or maintain the FPC and CPP credentials. This program may be applied for 9 RCHs toward your certification renewal.