Missouri CPA CPE Requirements for Renewing a License

  • Apr 13
Missouri CPA CPE Requirements for Renewing a License

Missouri CPA CPE Requirements for License Renewal

Members of the AICPA must complete a certain amount of CPE each license recertification period in order to renew their membership with the organization. However, the specific requirements actually vary from one place to another. Because each state is regulated by a Board of Accountancy that sets the stipulations for their jurisdiction. So, the Missouri CPA CPE requirements might be different from those in other states. Because of this, CPAs need to be aware of the state requirements to ensure they obtain CPE in a Board-approved method. Otherwise, license recertification could be jeopardized.

Specifically, CPAs in Missouri have to renew their license every year. And they must complete 40 hours of CPE during that time. The table below also highlights some of the primary recertification deadlines and stipulations for CPAs in Missouri.

License Renewal DateCPE Reporting PeriodTotal CPE HoursSelf-Study Credit Limitations
December 31 annuallyJanuary 1 – December 31 annually40 hoursNone

Subject Area Requirements

For each yearly recertification period, 2 of the required 40 CPE credits must include Professional Ethics. However, there are no further subject area requirements.

Credit Limitations and Calculation

CPE credit can be obtained through formal instruction of educational material, where credit is equal to presentation time plus preparation. However, preparation credit cannot exceed twice the length of presentation. And repeat instruction of the same course will only be accepted so long as the curriculum has been substantially altered or changed.

Active enrollment in a college or university course is also a Board-approved method for obtaining CPE hours. Here, one semester hour is equal to 15 CPE hours and one quarter hour equals 10 CPE hours. Non-credit university courses can also be submitted, but grant credit at a rate of 1 CPE hour per classroom hour.

Group programs and blended learning programs must be a minimum of one hour, but credit may be obtained in one-fifth or one-half hour increments once the first full hour has been obtained.

Nano-Learning is always earned in one-fifth hour increments.

There are no stated limitations for self-study credit hours.

Other Policies and Exemptions

A non-resident licensee seeking renewal of a license in this state shall also be determined to have met the CPE requirement of this rule by meeting the CPE requirements for renewal of a license in the state in which the licensee’s principal office is located. However, if a non-resident licensee’s principal office state has no CPE requirements for renewal of a license, the non-resident licensee must comply with all CPE requirements for license renewal in Missouri.

Automatic exemption from CPE requirements is granted on the following bases, so long as the individual provides no services to third parties:

  • Retired members
  • Currently unemployed members
  • Members who have temporarily left the workforce
  • Members who are formally inactive with the AICPA

Waivers are available to active CPAs for the following reasons (subject to Board approval):

  • Health issues
  • Military service
  • Extreme natural disasters
  • Other similar circumstances

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Article written by Braden Norwood