Why Business Automation is Worth Your Time

  • Nov 21
Why Business Automation is Worth Your Time

Could Your Job Be Automated?

Chances are, even as far as technology has come, your job couldn’t be automated… BUT something you do on a regular basis probably could be. According to a 2017 McKinsey Global Institute study, less than 5% of all occupations are candidates for complete business automation using current technologies. However, the same study estimates that nearly 50% of all current tasks humans are paid to perform could be automated using already-existing technologies. Okay, so… what does that mean for us, the people whose tasks could be automated?! The answer is… a few things.


Business AutomationIt’s important to ask if a semi-automated workflow could improve your team’s productivity and/or the quality of the tasks performed. It is worth looking into which of the tasks you and your employees do on a regular basis COULD be automated, whether in whole or in part, by what technologies, and how hard those automations would be to set up. Just a little bit can go a long way. 

Cost Benefit Analysis

In terms of strategy for organizations, a good ‘ole cost benefit analysis is always a good Job Automationstarting place. Most importantly, the potential for workflow automation means you AND your teammates can be freed up for other, potentially more valuable, tasks. What has your department or company wished it had the time and resources to do? Investing time in business automation can be a good strategy for organizations. It could now be the answer to making many wishes become reality.

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Article written by Erica Bass