APA Professional Development Courses You Can Take Anywhere

  • Aug 31
APA Professional Development Courses You Can Take Anywhere

Earning Credits Online? Choose an APA Approved Provider

VTR Learning is an online provider of continuing professional education courses with over a decade of experience serving universities and business professionals. However, our self-study courses are a departure from slideshow style format into the world of virtual learning. Rather than presentations with instructional audio, or even recorded webinars, VTR Learning’s courses rely on a narrative basis that demonstrates business principles and techniques in a true-to-life, virtual setting. Here, payroll professionals will encounter the fictional company, Central Products, and a host of colorful characters as they work through their license recertification process, a truly unique method for earning APA credits. Moreover, these courses can be taken from the comfort of home, without having to attend in-person, live events — a major benefit, given the current state of the world.

VTR Learning's courses rely on a narrative basis, demonstrating business principles in a true- to- life, virtual setting.

Now, with introductions out of the way, here are five of VTR Learning’s courses that can help members of the APA obtain the credit they need for license renewal.

Get Your APA Credits from Home with These 5 Courses

1. Financial and Managerial Accounting

The top course offered by VTR Learning for payroll professionals is Financial and Managerial Accounting, a selection which is worth 28.5 RHCs. This course, which dives deep into many facets of the financial life of a company, covers such topics as balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements, however, it also delves into practical managerial tasks like budgeting, data auditing and overall financial planning. Within this course, learners will work under Central Products’ head of International Accounting, Tsong Hua, as she helps prepare the company to undergo massive expansion. Financial and Managerial Accounting is currently available for $269 and is approved by the American Payroll Association for APA credits.

For more information on this popular course, check the product details page.

2. Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success

This course is a must-take for any business professional, as it details the rights of workers and the obligations of companies toward their employees, both ethically and legally. As an intern in Central Products’ Human Resources department, learners will be given the opportunity to work alongside Anne Chavez, the company’s HR Director, as she deals with various complex situations while attempting to create a healthy organizational culture. Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success takes payroll professionals through a wealth of information including legal issues, behavioral ethics, employee motivation, team-building practices and much more. As with every VTR Learning selection, this course is approved by the American Payroll Association. Listed for $269, members of the APA who complete this course will earn 22.5 RCHs.

For more information on Human Resources; Promoting Organizational Success, see the product page.

3. Operations and Management: How to Run a Business

In this popular VTR Learning course, payroll professionals will have the chance to meet the various department heads at the virtual company, Central Products, to gain a better understanding of successful business operations and functions. While “sitting in” on roundtable, executive conversations, learners will be introduced to concepts like forecasting, planning, project management and even quantitative methods for controlling the trajectory of an organization. With a mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge offered, Operations and Management: How to Run a Business is a well-rounded course that can help anyone gain a better understanding of what it takes to lead a thriving organization. Members of the American Payroll Association who complete this $269 course will earn 25 RCHs.

More information on Operations and Management: How to Run a Business can be found here.

Image of a women on the couch looking at laptop with text "Ebook Option Available! Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success

4. Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success (eBook)

No, you aren’t seeing double. VTR Learning really does have two versions of the Human Resources course! Because we realize not everyone will be able to learn well with our unique, narrative format, we offer the same material in written form. For any payroll professional who wants to fast-track through the information, this course removes all video content and narrative features to allow for a simplified, condensed experience. This eBook contains the same educational information as found in the full version of the course and can be downloaded as a PDF to be read anywhere — even without internet. The current price for this course is $99, and payroll professionals who are looking for APA credit can receive 9 RCHs for successful completion..

For more information on the eBook, Human Resources: Promoting Organizational Success, check out the course details page in the shop.

5. Business Strategy

Unlike the majority of VTR Learning’s narrative format courses, Business Strategy deviates from the normal story based at the fictional company, Central Products, and casts the learner both into the past and the future to give them a detailed view of two other companies — one which makes costly mistakes in strategic planning and another that carefully tailors its business strategy to match the current economic climate. Throughout this course, payroll professionals will be introduced to important topics like forecasting, managing disruption to plans, assessing strategic risk and others. APA credit-seekers can purchase this course for $269 and earn 27 RCHs.

Further details on Business Strategy are available on the course details page.

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Article written by Braden Norwood